Words with Initial ϝρ, etc.

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395. The metrical value of an initial 6 which represents θρ difβfers in the several ςwοrds. Ti has always the elect of a double consonant in ῥήγνυμι, ῥίπτω, ῥάκος, ῥυ-(in ῥυτός, 8xc.), ῥη- (in ῥητός, ῥητήρ), and nearly always in ῥινός (except Od. 5. 281), ῥίζα (Od. 9. 390). Bat lengthening is optional in ῥέζω, ῥιγέω, ῥεῖα : thus we have ἔρεξα and ἔρεξα (in 27 places); ἵπποι δὲ ῥέα (l. 8. 179), but ἔνθα κε ῥεῖα κτλ.: ἐρρίγησαν, but ὡς φάτο ῥίγησεν δὲ κτλ. As to 6- standihg for an older σρ-, and the other letters (λ, ῳa, ν) which lengthen a preceding short vowel, see ἡ 37 Il.