The Brendan Voyage book by Tim Severin, McGraw-Hill Book Company (1978)
The Brendan Voyage: A Story Map by BC
The Brendan Voyage blog post by Simon King (July 24, 2020)
The Brendan Voyage documentary by Films Media Group 1992.
Part 1, 25 min.
Part 2, 31 min.
The Brendan Voyage” Suite by Shaun Davey
In 10 movements composed for uilleann pipes and classical symphony orchestra (40 minutes). Recorded on the Tara label in 1980 and first performed live in 1982 in Rennes and Lorient (Brittany),
1.     Introduction
2.     The Brendan Theme
3.     Jig: Water under the Keel
4.     Journey to the Faroes
5.     The Cliffs of Mykines
6.     Mykines Sound
7.     Journey to Iceland
8.     The Gale
9.     Labrador
10.  Newfoundland