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  • Vocabulary for Ovid's Amores 1 (with annotations): GoogleDoc
  • Recurrent vocabulary for Ovid's Amores 1—by frequency: docx, pdf 
  • Full vocabulary for Ovid's Amores 1: docx, pdf

Poem Vocabulary ListsCoreNon-CoreAmores 1.1: docx, pdf Amores 1.1: docx, pdfAmores 1.2: docx, pdf Amoers 1.2: docx, pdfAmores 1.3: docx, pdf Amores 1.3: docx, pdfAmores 1.4: docx, pdfAmores 1.4: docx, pdf Amores 1.5: docx, pdf Amores 1.5: docx, pdfAmores 1.6: docx, pdf Amores 1.6: docx, pdfAmores 1.7: docx, pdf Amores 1.7: docx, pdfAmores 1.8: docx, pdf Amores 1.8: docx, pdfAmores 1.9: docx, pdf Amores 1.9: docx, pdfAmores 1.10: docx, pdf Amores 1.10: docx, pdfAmores 1.11: docx, pdf Amores 1.11: docx, pdfAmores 1.12: docx, pdf Amores 1.12: docx, pdfAmores 1.13: docx, pdf Amores 1.13: docx, pdfAmores 1.14: docx, pdf Amores 1.14: docx, pdfAmores 1.15: docx, pdf Amores 1.15: docx, pdf



  • Printable text of Ovid, Amores 1: pdf; text without macrons: pdf
  • Printable texts of individual poems in Amores 1

Amores 1.1Amores 1.2Amores 1.3Amores 1.4Amores 1.5Amores 1.6Amores 1.7Amores 1.8Amores 1.9Amores 1.10Amores 1.11Amores 1.12Amores 1.13Amores 1.14Amores 1.15Maps

Annotated, interactive map of all places mentioned in Ovid, Amores Book I. Google Earth map files (.kmz) require a free download of Google Earth.