3rd Declension: Mute Stems, M. / F.

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56. Masculine and feminine nouns with mute stems form the nominative by adding s to the stem.

A labial (p) is retained before s.


A lingual (t, d) is dropped before s.

mīles (stem mīlit-)
cūstōs (stem cūstōd-)

A palatal (c, g) unites with s to form x.

dux (for † duc-s)
rēx (for † rēg-s)

In dissyllabic stems the final syllable often shows e in the Nominative and i in the stem.

prīnceps, stem prīncip- (for -cap-)

57. Nouns of this class are declined as follows.

Paradigm for 3rd declension masculine and feminine nouns with mute stems

a. In like manner are declined—

ariēs, -etis (m.)  ram
comes, -itis (m. / f.)  companion
lapis, -idis (m.)  stone
iūdex, -icis (m.)  judge
cornīx, -īcis (f.)  raven

and many other nouns.

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