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edited by Cynthia Damon


Agricola's governorship of Britain

The dates given here are based on evidence external to the text and remain a matter of dispute.  For a brief discussion and a helpful chart see Maxwell (1990) 10–11; for more detail, Smith (2015).

77 CE  arrival and first campaigns (ch. 18); administrative reforms (ch. 19)

78 CE  second season of campaigns (ch. 20); social and cultural initiatives (ch. 21)

79 CE  third season of campaigns (ch. 22)

80 CE fourth season (ch. 23)

81 CE  fifth season (ch. 24)

82 CE  sixth season (chh. 25-27)

83 CE  seventh season (chh. 29-38)

84 CE  recall (ch. 40)

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