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165. Participial Stems in -εντ

Goodell: Participial Stems in -εντ Chart

166. Αdjective stems in -οντ are declined like λέων (§§ 121 and 122.b), adding the neuter forms in -ον and -οντα and the feminine.

ἑκώνἑκοῦσα, ἑκόν  willing

ᾱ̓́κωνᾱ̓́κουσαἆκον unwilling

Participles in -οντ of the ω-form (when the -ο- belongs to the tense-suffix, not to the verb-stem) are like ᾱ̓́κων and ἑκών.

παύωνπαύουσαπαῦον  stopping

λιπώνλιποῦσαλιπόν leaving

For participles in -οντ οf the μι-fοrm see § 169 (below).

167. Participial Stems in -οντ

Goodell: Participial Stems in -οντ Chart

168. a. Participles in -αοντ--αουσᾱ- contract to accented -ω- throughout (§ 29.c).

τῑμάων : τῑμῶν
τμάουσα : τμῶσα
τμάον : τμῶν, etc.

b. Participles in -εοντ--εουσᾱ- and in -οοντ--οουσᾱ-, contract to accented -ου- throughout, except that -έων and -όων make -ῶν (§ 29.a-c).

φιλέων : φιλῶν
φιλέουσα : φιλοῦσα
φιλέον : φιλοῦν, etc.

δηλόων : δηλῶν
δηλόουσα : δηλοῦσα
δηλόον : δηλοῦν, etc.

169. Participles in -οντ- οf the μι-fοrm (when the -ο- belongs to the verb-stem) are like ὀδούς (§§ 121 and 122.a), adding the neuter forms in -όν and -όντα and also the feminine.

διδούςδιδοῦσαδιδόν  giving

170. Participles in -υντ- (οf the μι-fοrm) are like

δεικνῡ́ς, δεικνῦσα, δεικνύν pointing out
δεικνύντ-ος, δεικνῡ́σης, δεικνύντ-ος, etc.

a. For δεικνῡ́ς from δεικνυ(ντ)ς and the dat. plur. δεικνῦσι see § 53.

171. Most perfect active participles are declined like εἰδώς (knowing, § 172, below). The stem ends in -οτ, which becomes -ώς and -ός in th

πεπαυκώς, πεπαυκυῖα, πεπαυκός having stopped

172. Participial Stems in -οτ (Perfects)

Goodell: Participial Stems in -οτ (Perfects) Chart

173. A few perfect active participles (of μι-verbs) in -αώς are contracted and form the feminine irregularly.

ἑστώς, ἑστῶσα, ἑστός standing
ἑστῶτος, ἑστώσης, ἑστῶτος, etc.

The neuter ἑστός retains the characteristic final syllable -ός instead of becoming ἑστώς. Mοre irregular is

τεθνεώς, τεθνεῶσα, τεθνεός dead
τεθνεῶτος, τεθνεώσης, τεθνεῶτος, etc.

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Meagan Ayer, ed. Goodell’s School Grammar of Attic Greek. Carlisle, Pennsylvania: Dickinson College Commentaries, 2018. ISBN: 978-1-947822-10-8.