Adjectives of Three Endings

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156. Adjectives of Three Endings: Stems in -αν

Goodell: Adjectives of Three Endings, Stems in -αν Chart

157. a. For μέλᾱς and μέλασι see §§ 51.a & d.

b. The feminine stem μελαινᾱ- is for μελανιᾱ- (§ 56.b). The stem τερεν- (tender) makes τέρην, τέρεινα, τέρεν, etc.

158. Adjective Stems in

Goodell: Adjective Stems in -υ Chart

159. a. Stem and endings combine as in πῆχυς and ἄστυ (§§ 130 and 131); but -εα does not contract, and the accent is on the or its representative (-ε- or -ει-).

b. In accent all adjectives of this class are like ταχύς except

M. F. N.  
θῆλυς θήλεια θῆλυ female, feminine
ἥμισυς ἡμίσεια ἥμισυ half

and some compounds, of two endings, as δίπηχυς (two cubits long).

160. Adjective Stems in -αντ

Goodell: Adjective Stems in -αντ Chart

161. a. For sound-changes see γίγᾱς (§§ 121 and 122.a); but -ᾱ- in πᾶν is irregular.

b. The accent of πᾶς is irregular in that

πᾶς and πᾶν take the circumflex
πάντων and πᾶσι do not follow § 101, while παντός and παντί do.

162. a. Compounds of πᾶς are regular.

ἅπᾱς, ἅπᾱσα, ἅπαν

σύμπᾱς, σύμπᾱσα, σύμπαν

b. Like these are declined participial stems in -αντ.

παύσᾱς, παύσᾱσα, παῦσαν
παύσαντ-ος, παυσσης, etc.

ἱστᾱ́ς, ἱστᾶσα, ἱστάν
ἱστάντ-ος, ἱστᾱ́σης, etc.

στᾱ́ς, στᾶσα, στάν
στάντ-ος, στᾱ́σης, etc.

163. Adjective Stems in -εντ

Goodell: Adjective Stems in -εντ Chart

164. a. For χαρίεις from χαριε(ντ) see §§ 53 and 28.b; but χaρίεσι from χαριεί(τ)σι and χαρίεσσα from χαριετια show a shorter stem form without -ν-.

b. But participial stems in -εντ make -είς, -εῖσα, -έν, and in the dative plural -εῖσι, for (ντ)ς, (ντ)σα, -εν(τ), and (ντ)σι.

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Meagan Ayer, ed. Goodell’s School Grammar of Attic Greek. Carlisle, Pennsylvania: Dickinson College Commentaries, 2018. ISBN: 978-1-947822-10-8.