Adjectives of Three Endings

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156. Adjectives of Three Endings: Stems in -αν

Goodell: Adjectives of Three Endings, Stems in -αν Chart

157. a. For μέλᾱς and μέλασι see §§

b. The feminine stem μελαινᾱ- is for μελανιᾱ- (§ 56.b). The stem τερεν- (tender) makes τέρην, τέρεινα, τέρεν, etc.

158. Adjective Stems in

Goodell: Adjective Stems in -υ Chart

159. a. Stem and endings combine as in πῆχυς and ἄστυ (§§ 130 and 131); but -εα does not contract, and the accent is on the or its representative (-ε- or -ει-).

b. In accent all adjectives of this class are like ταχύς except








female, feminine





and some compounds, of two endings, as δίπηχυς (two cubits long).

160. Adjective Stems in -αντ

Goodell: Adjective Stems in -αντ Chart

161. a. For sound-changes see γίγᾱς (§§ 121 and 122.a); but -ᾱ- in πᾶν is irregular.

b. The accent of πᾶς is irregular in that

πᾶς and πᾶν take the circumflex
πάντων and πᾶσι do not follow § 101, while παντός and παντί do.

162. a. Compounds of πᾶς are regular.

ἅπᾱς, ἅπᾱσα, ἅπαν

σύμπᾱς, σύμπᾱσα, σύμπαν

b. Like these are declined participial stems in -αντ.

παύσᾱς, παύσᾱσα, παῦσαν
παύσαντ-ος, παυσσης, etc.

ἱστᾱ́ς, ἱστᾶσα, ἱστάν
ἱστάντ-ος, ἱστᾱ́σης, etc.

στᾱ́ς, στᾶσα, στάν
στάντ-ος, στᾱ́σης, etc.

163. Adjective Stems in -εντ

Goodell: Adjective Stems in -εντ Chart

164. a. For χαρίεις from χαριε(ντ) see §§ 53 and 28.b; but χaρίεσι from χαριεί(τ)σι and χαρίεσσα from χαριετια show a shorter stem form without -ν-.

b. But participial stems in -εντ make -είς, -εῖσα, -έν, and in the dative plural -εῖσι, for (ντ)ς, (ντ)σα, -εν(τ), and (ντ)σι.

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Meagan Ayer, ed. Goodell’s School Grammar of Attic Greek. Carlisle, Pennsylvania: Dickinson College Commentaries, 2018. ISBN: 978-1-947822-10-8.