The Μι-Conjugation: Verbs in -νῡμι

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358. Verbs in -νῡμι show the simplest form of μι- present (paradigm, § 360, below).

1. The final stem vowel is long in the singular of the active indicative present and imperfect, and in the 2nd singular of the active imperative; elsewhere it is short.
2. The endings are unchanged: -ᾱσι and -σαν are used in the active 3rd plural; -θι is omitted.
3. The infinitive active takes -ναι and accents the penult (§ 296.a).
4. The active participle accents the final vowel of the present stem (§ 170).
5. The subjunctive and optative follow the ω- conjugation. Sometimes the indicative also follows the ω- conjugation.

359. The other verbs of this class are the following, which see in the Verb list.

(a) Vowel verbs: κεράννῡμι (mix), κρεμάννῡμι (hang), πετάννῡμι (spread), σκεδάννῡμι (scatter), σβέννῡμι (quench), ῥώννῡμι (strengthen), στρώννῡμι (spread).
(b) Liquid verbs: ὄλλῡμι (lose, destroy), ὄμνῡμι (swear).
(c) Mute verbs, in : ζεύγνῡμι (join), μείγνῡμι (mix), πήγνῡμι (fix), ῥήγνῡμι (break)

360. Δείκνῡμι point at

Goodell: PresentActive System Paradigm Chart for δείκνῡμι

Goodell: Present Middle System Paradigm Chart for δείκνῡμι

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Meagan Ayer, ed. Goodell’s School Grammar of Attic Greek. Carlisle, Pennsylvania: Dickinson College Commentaries, 2018. ISBN: 978-1-947822-10-8.