From Pearce, J. W. E. 1901. The Agricola of Tacitus. London: George Bell and Sons. P. xviii.

Plan of the 'Agricola' compared with that of Sallust's 'Catiline' and 'Jugurtha.'

I. Preface, c. 1-3.

         Cf. Cat. 1-4; Jug. 1-4

II. Biography.

A. Early life of Agricola up to his British campaigns, c. 4-9. Cf. Cat. 5, 15-19; Jug. 7-16.

B. British campaigns of Agricola.

         1. Preface.

        (i) Description of Britain, c. 10-12.

                   Cf. Jug. 17-19.

        (ii) Roman operations in Britain before Agricola's arrival, c. 13-17.

         2. Main narrative of Agricola's campaigns, c. 18-38.

                   Cf. main narrative of Cat. and Jug.

         [Episodes, c. 24, 28. Cf. Cat. 38-9; Jug. 41-2.

         Speeches, c. 30-4. Cf. Cat. 51-2, 58; Jug. 85, 102, 110.

         Decisive battle, c. 35-8. Cf. Cat. 59-60; Jug. 101.]

C. Agricola's recall, retirement, and death, c. 39-45.2.

III. Peroration, c. 45.3-46.

   This part alone has no prototype in Sallust's works.