This commentary is the work of many hands. Most have already been mentioned: three scholars (Gudeman, Pearce, and Stuart), twenty-three students in Latin 309, two research assistants (Patricia Fox and Ray Lahiri), two editors for the Dickinson College Commentaries site (Chris Francese and Bret Mulligan), and one project director (Cynthia Damon). Additional help was provided by Jessica Shaw as her junior-year January term project at Germantown Friends School, during which she produced editable documents of Introductions of Gudeman, Pearce, and Stuart and the wordlist of Walters from the .pdf form available on GoogleBooks. Thanks are also due to a number of people at Harvard University who responded with enthusiasm and alacrity to my request for information about and eventually digitization of the photographs of the codex Aesinas held by Widener Library: in the Department of the Classics, Richard Tarrant, who verified the existence of the photographs, and Jan Ziolkowski, who gave permission for them to be digitized; in Medieval Studies, Sean Gilsdorf, who provided access to photographs; in Imaging Services in Widener Library, Todd Bachmann, who oversaw the cataloging, depositing, and linking of the images, and Thomas Lingner, who made it all happen. The term "variorum" gestures towards but does not express the satisfaction and pleasure I experienced during the collaborations that resulted in the commentary before you.

Cynthia Damon

University of Pennsylvania

August 2016