The Μι-Conjugation

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355. The distinction between the ω- conjugation and the μι- conjugation applies only to the present system. In the μι- conjugation the present stem does not end in -ο:ε-, and the fuller endings -μι, , -σι,
-ᾱσι, -σαν (§ 263) are used. There are two classes.

356. (1) Nasal Class (cp. § 261)— The suffix -νυ:ῡ-, after a vowel

-ννυ:ῡ-, is added to the verb stem.

Verb Stem Pres. Stem Pres. Ind.
δεικ- (point at) δεικνυ:ῡ- δείκνῡμι
κερα- (mix) κεραννυ:ῡ- κεράννῡμι

357. (2) Root Class— The present stem is the verb-stem, always a root, sometimes reduplicated.

Verb Stem Pres. Ind.
φα:η (say) φημι (§ 19.d)
δο:ω- (give) δίδωμι
στα:η- (set up) ἵστημι (§§ 257, 54)

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Meagan Ayer, ed. Goodell’s School Grammar of Attic Greek. Carlisle, Pennsylvania: Dickinson College Commentaries, 2018. ISBN: 978-1-947822-10-8.