Christopher Trinacty would like to thank his colleagues at Oberlin College (Kirk Ormand, Drew Wilburn, and Benjamin T. Lee) for their advice and support. Much of this commentary was developed during an independent study with Oberlin student Jacqueline Brant (OC ’20), and her insights and ideas were instrumental throughout. Some of this work was done with the help of research development funds provided by Oberlin College and the Cooper Fund for Faculty Research. He would like to thank Christopher Francese for his help and advice, as well as the anonymous DCC reviewers for their astute observations and suggestions. Scholars such as Myrto Garani, Gareth Williams, and Francesca Romana Berno provided inspiration and assistance for particularly difficult sections of the text.

Participants in the July, 2022 Dickinson Summer Latin Workshop read the selections and made valuable suggestions and corrections to the notes and vocabulary lists: Keziah Armstrong, Dessa Asp, William Bonnell, Barry Brinker, Janet Brooks, Veronica Cambria, Chris Churchill, Lindley Henson, Jennifer Hoffman, Mark Keith, Charlaine Lunsford, Colette Milligan, Amanda Pagnotta, Carla Rascoe, Maryel Schneider, and Joseph Terrizzi.    

Suggested Citation

Christopher Trinacty, Seneca: Natural Questions: Selections. Carlisle, Pennsylvania: Dickinson College Commentaries, 2022. ISBN: 978-1-947822-18-4