Support for this project was provided by the Dr. Kenneth S. and Olympia Falk Memorial Scholarship and the ASPIRE Program at Louisiana State University.

Marie Plunkett teaches Latin at Holy Cross School in New Orleans. She wrote the notes, vocabulary lists, introduction, and English performance script.

Wilfred Major (Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Louisiana State University) acted as thesis advisor, played Smikrenes, and wrote the introduction, grammatical notes, and the notes on meter.

Michelle Zerba (Maggie B. Martin Professor of Rhetoric and Classical Studies at Louisiana State University) acted as a faculty advisor for this project.

George Judy (Gresdna A. Doty Professor of Acting at Louisiana State University) acted as a faculty advisor and offered his theatrical expertise to this project.

Meagan Ayer created the webpages, formatted the vocabulary lists and notes, inserted the line numbers in the Greek text, and gave valuable editorial advice.

Joseph Bemis (LSU ’21) played Onesimos.

Bernadette Clark (LSU) played Habrotonon.

Anabelle Johnson (LSU ’22) played Sophrone and Syros’ wife.

Sarah Short (LSU) played Syros.

Robin Talbot (LSU) played Daos.

Suggested Citation

Marie Plunkett, Menander: Epitrepontes (The Arbitration). Carlisle, Pennsylvania: Dickinson College Commentaries, 2022. ISBN: 978-1-947822-19-1