Rob Hardy, Research Associate in Classics, Carleton College. Project coordinator. Wrote notes and introductory essays, edited vocabulary lists. 

Austin Mason, Assistant Director of the Humanities Center for Digital Humanities and Visiting Assistant Professor of History, Carleton College, edited vocabulary lists, created the Bede Atlas and story maps.

William North, Professor of History, Director of Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Carleton College, made audio recordings of the Latin read aloud.

Clara Hardy, Professor of Classics and John E. Sawyer Professor of Liberal Learning, Carleton College, made audio recordings of the Latin read aloud.

Chris Francese, Asbury J. Clarke Professor of Classical Studies at Dickinson College, edited the Latin text, notes, and introductory material, and created the articulated texts.

Bret Mulligan, Associate Professor of Classics, Haverford College. Designed infrastructure for creating vocabulary lists.

Sasha Mayn (Carleton College, Linguistics and Latin, 2018). Edited vocabulary lists, commented on notes, extracted place names from text and found geographical coordinates for creation of DCC Bede Atlas.

Bard Swallow (Carleton College, Computer Science/Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2018). Edited vocabulary lists and was the recording engineer for the audio recordings of the text. 

Martha Durrett (Carleton College, Computer Science/English, 2018) edited vocabulary lists.

The participants in the 2016 Dickinson Summer Latin Workshop read sections of the commentary and made numerous helpful suggestions.

Cadence Doyle (Dickinson, Classical Studies and Physics, 2017) and and Alexandra Stagliano (Dickinson, Classical Studies and Religion, 2017) read sections of the commentary in Fall 2016 and numerous helpful suggestions.