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The following is a list of verbs that have some irregularity in their conjugation. The principal parts of the Greek verb in order are 1. Present 2. Future 3. Aorist 4. Perfect Active 5. Perfect Middle 6. Aorist Passive, 7. Future Passive. Verbs are alphabetized under their main stem, followed by various compounds that occur in True Histories with a brief definition. A dash (-) before a form means that it occurs only or chiefly with a prefix. The list is based on the list of verbs in H. Smyth, A Greek Grammar.


ἀγγέλλω: to bear a message ἀγγελῶ, ἤγγειλα, ἤγγελκα, ἤγγελμαι, ἠγγέλθην

παραγγέλλω: to transmit as a message

ἄγω: to lead ἄξω, 2 aor. ἤγαγον, ἦχα, ἦγμαι, ἤχθην

ἀνάγω: to lead up

ἀπάγω: to lead away, carry off

διάγω: to pass time

ἐξάγω: to lead out

ἐπανάγω: to bring up or back

κατάγω: to lead down to shore

προσάγω: to bring to or upon

συνάγω: to bring together

ᾄδω: to sing ᾀσομαι, ᾖσα, ᾖσμαι, ᾔσθην

ἐπᾴδω: to sing to or in accompaniment

συνᾴδω: to sing with or together

αἱρέω: to take αἱρήσω, 2 aor. εἷλον, ᾕρηκα, ᾕρημαι, ᾑρέθην

ἀναιρέω: raise, take up; kill, destroy

διαιρέω: to divide into parts

ἐξαιρέω: to take out

καθαιρέω: to take down

προαιρέω: to choose

αἴρω: to lift ἀρῶ, ἦρα, ἦρκα, ἦρμαι, ἤρθην

ἐπαίρω: to lift up and set on

αἰσθάνομαι: to perceive αἰσθήσομαι, 2 aor. ᾐσθόμην, ᾔσθημαι

αἰσχύνω: to disgrace, (mid.) be ashamed αἰσχυνῶ, ᾔσχυνα, ᾐσχύνθην

ἀκούω: to hear ἀκούσομαι, ἤκουσα, 2 perf. ἀκήκοα, 2 plup. ἠκηκόη or ἀκηκόη, ἠκούσθην

ὑπακούω: to listen, attend to

ἁλίσκομαι: to be taken ἁλώσομαι, 2 aor. ἑάλων, ἑάλωκα

ἀλλάσσω: to change ἀλλάξω, ἤλλαξα, -ήλλαχα, ἤλλαγμαι, ἠλλάχθην or ἠλλάγην

διαλλάσσω: to forgive

ἀμείβω: to change ἀμείψω, ἤμειψα

παραμείβω: to pass by

ἀνάσσω: to rule ἀνάξω, ἄναξα

ἀνύω: to effect ἀνύσω, ἤνυσα, ἥνυκα

ἀπαντάω: to go forth to meet ἀπ-αντήσομαι, ἀπ-ήντησα, ἀπ-ήντηκα

ἅπτω: to fasten ἅψω, ἧψα, ἧμμαι, ἥφθην

ἐξάπτω: to fasten from

συνάπτω: to tie or bind together, to join together, unite

ἅπτομαι: to touch

ἀραρίσκω: to fasten ἦρσα, 2 aor. ἤραρον, 2 perf. ἄραρα, ἤρθην

ἀράσσω: to strike -αράξω, -ήραξα, -ηράχθην

προσαράσσω: to dash against

συναράσσω: to dash together, dash in pieces

ἁρπάζω: to snatch away ἁρπάσομαι, ἥρπασα, ἥρπακα, ἥρπασμαι, ἡρπάσθην

ἄρχω: to be first, begin ἄρξω, ἦρξα, ἦργμαι, ἤρχθην

ἐξάρχω: to begin with, make a beginning of

κατάρχω: to make beginning of

ὑπάρχω: to begin, make a beginning

αὐξάνω: to increase αὔξω, ηὔξησα, ηὔξηκα, ηὔξημαι, ηὐξήθην

ἀφικνέομαι: to arrive at ἀφ-ίξομαι, 2 aor. ἀφ-ικόμην, ἀφ-ῖγμαι

ἄχθομαι: to be vexed ἀχθέσομαι, ἠχθέσθην


βαίνω: to step βήσομαι, 2 aor. ἔβην, βέβηκα

ἀναβαίνω: to go up

ἀποβαίνω: to go away, depart

ἐμβαίνω: to step in

ἐπαναβαίνω: to get up on, mount

ἐπιβαίνω: to go upon

καταβαίνω: to step down, go down

ὑποβαίνω: to go or stand under

βάλλω: to throw βαλῶ, 2 aor. ἔβαλον, βέβληκα, βέβλημαι, ἐβλήθην

ἐμβάλλω: to throw in, ram

εἰσβάλλω: to throw into, invade

ἐκβάλλω: to throw or cast out of

ἐμβάλλω: to throw in, put in

μεταβάλλω: to change quickly

περιβάλλω: to throw around, embrace

προσβάλλω: to strike or dash against

ὑποβάλλω: to throw, put or lay under

βάπτω: to dip in water βάψω, ἔβαψα, βέβαμμαι, ἐβάφην

βιβάζω: to make go βιβάσω, -εβίβασα, ἐβιβάσθην

ὑπερβιβάζω: to carry over, transfer

ἐμβιβάζω: to set in or on

βιόω: to live βιώσομαι, 2 aor. ἐβίων, βεβίωκα

βλαστάνω: to bud 2 aor. ἔβλαστον, βεβλάστηκα

βλέπω: to look at βλέψομαι, ἔβλεψα

ἀποβλέπω: to look away from

περιβλέπω: to look round about

βοάω: to shout βοήσομαι, ἐβόησα βέβωμαι, ἐβώσθην

ἐπιβοάω: to call upon or to, cry out to

ἀναβοάω: to shout aloud, utter a loud cry

βούλομαι: to wish βουλήσομαι, βεβούλημαι, ἐβουλήθην


γαμέω: to marry γαμῶ, ἔγημα, γεγάμηκα

γελάω: to laugh γελάσομαι, ἐγέλασα, ἐγελάσθην

γηράσκω: to grow old γηράσομαι, ἐγήρασα, γεγήρακα am old. 2 aor. ἐγήρα

γίγνομαι, γιγνώσκω: see γίνομαι, γινώσκω

γινώσκω: to know γνώσομαι, ἔγνων, ἔγνωκα, ἔγνωσμαι, ἐγνώσθην

διαγινώσκω: to distinguish, discern, resolve

καταγινώσκω: to remark, discover

μεταγινώσκω: to change one's mind, repent

ἀναγινώσκω: to know well, read

γίνομαι: to become γενήσομαι, 2 aor. ἐγενόμην, 2 perf. γέγονα, γεγένημαι, ἐγενήθην

παραγίνομαι: to be present, attend

ἐγγίνομαι: to be born, bred in

ἐπιγίνομαι: come into being, happen

γράϕω: to write γράψω, ἔγραψα, γέγραφα, γέγραμμαι, ἐγράφην

ἀναγράϕω: to write down, record

ἐγγράϕω: to inscribe

ἐπιγράϕω: to mark the surface, write on

καταγράϕω: to inscribe

συγγράϕω: to write, note down


δείδω: to fear δείσομαι, ἔδεισα, δέδοικα

δείκνυμι: to show δείξω, ἔδειξα, δέδειχα, δέδειγμαι, ἐδείχθην

δέμω: to build ἔδειμα, δέδμημαι

δέομαι want, ask: δεήσομαι, δεδέημαι, ἐδεήθην. (from δέω 2)

δέχομαι: to receive δέξομαι, ἐδεξάμην, δέδεγμαι, -εδέχθην

διαδέχομαι: to receive one from another

ἐκδέχομαι: to take or receive from

παραδέχομαι: to receive from

προσδέχομαι: to receive, accept

ὑποδέχομαι: to receive beneath

δέω: to bind δήσω, ἔδησα, δέδεκα, δέδεμαι, ἐδέθην

ἐκδέω: to bind so as to hang from, to fasten to or on

ἀναδέω: to bind or tie up

δέω: to need, lack (mid.) ask: δεήσω, ἐδέησα, δεδέηκα, δεδέημαι, ἐδεήθην.

διακονέω: to minister διακονήσω, δεδιακόνηκα, δεδιακόνημαι, ἐδιακονήθην

διδράσκω: to run away δράσομαι, 2 aor. -έδραν, -δέδρακα

δίδωμι: to give δώσω, 1 aor. ἔδωκα in s., 2 aor. in pl. ἔδομεν, δέδωκα, δέδομαι, ἐδόθην

ἀποδίδωμι: to give back, return

ἐνδίδωμι: to give out

ἐπιδίδωμι: to give beyond, increase

μεταδίδωμι: to give part of, give a share of

παραδίδωμι: to give or hand over to another, transmit

διώκω: to pursue διώξομαι, ἐδίωξα, δεδίωχα, ἐδιώχθην

καταδιώκω: to pursue closely

ἀποδιώκω: to chase away

δοκέω: to think, seem δόξω, ἔδοξα, δέδογμαι

δράω: to do δράσω, ἔδρασα, δέδρακα, δέδραμαι, ἐδράσθην

δύω: to go down δύσω, -έδυσα trans., 2 aor. ἔδυν intrans., δέδυκα, -δέδυμαι, -εδύθην

καταδύω: to go down, sink


ἐγείρω: to wake up ἐγερῶ, ἤγειρα, 2 perf. ἔγρήγορα, ἐγήγερμαι, ἠγέρθην

ἀνεγείρω: to wake up, rouse

ἐθέλω: to wish ἐθελήσω, ἠθέλησα, ἠθέληκα

εἶδον I saw: see ὁράω

εἰκάζω: to make like εἰκάσω, ᾔκασα, ᾔκασμαι, ᾐκάσθην

εἶμι: to go; see ἔρχομαι

εἴργω: to shut in or out εἴρξω, εἶρξα, εἶργμαι, εἴρχθην

κατείργω: to drive into, shut in

ἐλαύνω: to drive ἐλῶ, ἤλασα, -ελήλακα, ἐλήλαμαι, ἠλάθην

προσελαύνω: to drive or chase to

ἐλέγχω: refute ἐλέγξω, ἤλεγξα, ἐλήλεγμαι, ἠλέγχθην

ἕλκω: to draw up

ἀνέλκω: to draw up

ἐνέπω: to tell, relate ἐνι-σπήσω and ἐνίψω, 2 aor. ἔνι-σπον

εὔχομαι: to pray εὔξομαι, ηὐξάμην, ηὖγμαι

ἕπομαι: to follow ἔψομαι, 2 aor. ἑσπόμην

ἐράω: to be in love with aor. ἠράσθην

ἑρπύζω: to creep -έρψω, εἵρπυσα

ἀνερπύζω: to creep up

ἔρρω: to go slowly, wander about ἐρρήσω, ἤρρησα, εἰσήρρηκα

ἔρχομαι: to come or go to: fut. εἶμι, 2 aor. ἦλθον, 2 perf. ἐλήλυθα

ἀνέρχομαι: to go up

ἀπέρχομαι: to go away, depart from

διεξέρχομαι: to go through, to recount

διέρχομαι: to go through, pass through

εἰσέρχομαι: to come to, enter into

ἐξέρχομαι: to go or come out of

ἐπεισέρχομαι: to come in besides

ἐπέρχομαι: to go upon, attack

κατέρχομαι: to go down from

παρέρχομαι: to go by, to pass by

προέρχομαι: to go forward, advance

προσέρχομαι: to come or go to

συνέρχομαι: to come together

ἐρωτάω: to ask ἐρήσομαι, 2 aor. ἠρόμην

ἐπερωτάω: to question

ἐσθίω: to eat ἔδομαι, 2 aor. ἔφαγον

ἑστιάω: to entertain as a guest εἱστίασα

συνεστιάω: to entertain in one's house

εὑρίσκω: to find εὑρήσω, 2 aor. ηὗρον or εὗρον, ηὕρηκα or εὕρηκα, εὕρημαι, εὑρέθην

εὐϕραίνω: to cheer, delight, gladden εὐφρανῶ, ηὔφρανα, ηὐφράνθην

εὔχομαι: to offer prayers or vows εὔξομαι, ηὐξάμην, ηὖγμαι

ἔχω: to have ἕξω, 2 aor. ἔσχον, ἔσχηκα, imperf. εἶχον.

ἀπέχω: to keep off or away from

ἀντέχω: to hold against

ἐπέχω: to hold back

κατέχω: to hold fast

παρέχω: to provide, allow

προέχω: to hold before

προσέχω: to hold to

ἀνίσχω: to hold

ἕψω: to boil, cook ἑψήσομαι, ἥψησα, ἥψημαι, ἡψήθην


ζάω: to live ζήσω, ἔζησα, ἔζηκα

ζεύγνυμι: to join at the top ζεύξω, ἔζευξα, ἔζευγμαι, ἐζεύχθην

ζώννυμι: to gird ἔζωσα, ἔζωμαι

ὑποζώννυμι: to undergird


ἡγέομαι: act as guide, lead the way ἡγήσομαι, ἡγησάμην, ἥγημαι

διηγέομαι: to set out in detail, describe in full

ἥδομαι: to be happy; ἡσθήσομαι, ἥσθην

ὑπερήδομαι: to be very happy

ἦλθον: to go; see ἔρχομαι


θάλλω: to bloom 2 perf. τέθηλα

θάπτω: to bury θάψω, ἔθαψα, τέθαμμαι, ἐτάφην

θλίβω: to press ἔθλιψα, τέθλιφα, ἐθλίφθην

ὑποθλίβω: to press under or gently

ἀποθλίβω: to press, squeeze out

θνῄσκω: to die θανοῦμαι, 2 aor. -έθανον, τέθνηκα

ἀποθνήσκω: to die

θρῴσκω: to leap 2 aor. ἔθορον

ἀναθρῴσκω: to spring forward

θύω: to sacrifice θύσω, ἔθυσα, τέθυκα, τέθυμαι, ἐτύθην


ἵημι: to let go, relax, to send forth ἥσω, ἧκα, εἷκα, εἷμαι, εἵθην

ἀνίημι: to let go, relax

ἀϕίημι: to send forth, discharge

ἐξίημι: to send out, let

ἐϕίημι: to permit

καθίημι: to set down

προίημι: to send forward

συνίημι: to bring or set together

ἵστημι: to make to stand, set στήσω shall set, ἔστησα set, caused to stand, 2 aor. ἔστην stood, 1 perf. ἕστηκα stand, plup. εἱστήκη stood, ἐστάθην

ἀνίστημι: to make to stand up, raise up

ἀϕίστημι: to put away, stand apart

διίστημι: to set apart, separate

ἐνίστημι: to put, set, place in

ἐξανίστημι: to raise up: to make one rise

ἐπανίστημι: to fall upon

ἐφίστημι: to stand upon

μεθίστημι: to place in another way, to change

παρίστημι: to set beside, to make to stand, set up

προίστημι: to set before or in front

συνίστημι: to set together, combine, associate, unite, band together


καίω: to burn καύσω, ἕκαυσα, -κέκαυκα, κέκαυμαι, ἐκαύθην

ἀνακαίω: to light up

ἐγκαίω: to burn or heat in

καλέω: to call καλῶ, ἐκάλεσα, κέκληκα, κέκλημαι, ἐκλήθην

ἐπικαλέω: to call upon

παρακαλέω: to call to

συγκαλέω: to call to council, convoke, convene

καλύπτω: to cover καλύψω, ἐκάλυψα, κεκάλυμμαι, ἐκαλύφθην

κάπτω: to gulp down κάμψω, ἔκαμψα, κέκαμμαι, ἐκάμφθην

κελεύω: to urge κελεύσω, ἐκέλευσα, κεκέλευκα, κεκέλευσμαι, ἐκελεύσθην

κεράννυμι: to mix ἐκέρασα, κέκραμαι, ἐκραάθην

κλάω: to break -έκλασα, -κέκλασμαι, -εκλάσθην

κλείω: to shut κλείσω, ἔκλεισα, κέκλειμαι, ἐκλείσθην

συγκλείω: to shut or coop up, enclose

κατακλείω: to shut in, enclose

κλίνω: to bend κλινῶ, ἔκλινα, κέκλικα, κέκλιμαι, -εκλίνην

ἐγκλίνω: to bend in, incline

κοιλαίνω: to make hollow κοιλανῶ, ἐκοίλανα, κεκοίλασμαι, ἐκοιλάνθην

κομίζω: to take care of κομιῶ, ἐκόμισα, κεκόμικα, κεκόμισμαι, ἐκομίσθην

κόπτω: to strike κόψω, ἔκοψα, -κέκοφα, κέκομμαι, -εκόπην

διακόπτω: to cut in two, cut through

ἐκκόπτω: to cut out, knock out

συγκόπτω: to cut up, mangle

κρίνω: to decide κρινῶ, ἔκρινα, κέκρικα, κέκριμαι, ἐκρίθην

ἀνακρίνω: to examine closely, to question, interrogate

ἀποκρίνω: to separate, set apart; answer

κρούω: to strike κρούσω, ἔκρουσα, -κέκρουκα, -κέκρουμαι, -εκρούσθην

κρύπτω: to hide from κρύψω, ἔκρυψα, κέκρυμμαι, ἐκρύφθην

ἀποκρύπτω: to hide from, keep hidden from

κτείνω: to kill κτενῶ, ἔκτεινα, 2 perf. -έκτονα

ἀποκτείνω: to kill, slay

κυνέω: to kiss κυνήσομαι, ἔκυσα

προσκυνέω: to make obeisance


λαγχάνω: to obtain by lot or fate λήξομαι, ἔλαχον, εἴληχα, εἴληγμαι, ἐλήχθην

λαμβάνω: to take λήψομαι, ἔλαβον, εἴληφα, εἴλημμαι, ἐλήφθην

ἀναλαμβάνω: to take up, take into one's hands

καταλαμβάνω: to seize upon, grasp

παραλαμβάνω: to secure

συλλαμβάνω: to collect, gather together

ὑπολαμβάνω: to undertake, to understand

λάμπω: to shine λάμψω, ἔλαμψα, λέλαμπα, -λέλησμαι

λανθάνω: to escape notice λήσω, ἔλαθον, λέληθα

λέγω: to speak ἐρέω, εἶπον, εἴρηκα, λέλεγμαι, ἐλέχθην and ἐρρήθην

ἀντιλέγω: to speak against, contradict

ἐπιλέγω: to choose, read

διαλέγομαι: to discourse

λείπω: leave λείψω, ἔλιπον, λέλοιπα, λέλειμμαι, ἐλείφθην

ἀπολείπω: to leave over or behind

ἐπιλείπω: to leave behind

καταλείπω: to abandon

λείπομαι: to remain

λύω: to loose λύσω, ἔλυσα, λέλυκα, λέλυμαι, ἐλύθην

ἀπολύω: to loose from

διαλύω: to loose one from another, to part asunder, undo

καταλύω: to put down, destroy

παραλύω: to loose, slacken


μαίνομαι: to rage, be furious 2 aor. pass. ἐμάνην

μανθάνω: to learn μαθήσομαι, ἔμαθον, μεμάθηκα

ἀναμανθάνω: to inquire closely

καταμανθάνω: to observe well, learn

μάχομαι: to fight μαχοῦμαι, ἐμαχεσάμην, μεμάχημαι

μεθύσκω: to make drunk ἐμέθυσα, ἐμεθύσθην

μέμϕομαι: to blame μέμψομαι, ἐμεμψάμην, ἐμέμφθην

μένω: to stay μενῶ, ἔμεινα, μεμένηκα

ἀναμένω: to wait for, await

ἐπιμένω: to stay on, tarry

παραμένω: to stay near, stand by

ὑπομένω: to stay behind, survive

μίγνυμι: to mix μείξω, ἔμειξα, μέμειγμαι, ἐμείχθην

παραμίγνυμι: to intermix with

συμμίγνυμι: to mix together

μιμνήσκομαι: to remember μνήσω, -έμνησα, perf. μέμνημαι, ἐμνήσθην

μύσσω: to have a runny nose -έμυξα, -εμεμύγμην


νέμω: to distribute νεμῶ, ἔνειμα, -νενέμηκα, νενέμημαι, ἐνεμήθην

νομίζω: to believe νομιῶ, ἐνόμισα, νενόμικα, νενόμισμαι, ἐνομίσθην

ξηραίνω: to dry ξηρανῶ, ἐξήρανα, ἐξήρασμαι, ἐξηράνθην


ὄζω: to smell ὀζήσω, ὤζησα

ἀπόζω: to smell of

οἶδα: to know; see ὁράω

οἴομαι: to suppose ᾠήθην imperf. ᾤμην

ὀλισθάνω: to slip 2 aor. ὤλισθον

διολισθάνω: to slip through

ὄλλυμι: to destroy -ολῶ, -ώλεσα, -ολώλεκα, -όλωλα

ἀπόλλυμι: to destroy, lose

ὄμνυμι: to swear ὀμοῦμαι, ὤμοσα, ὀμώμοκα, ὀμώμομαι, ὠμόθην

ὁράω: to see ὄψομαι, 2 aor. εἶδον, ἑόρακα and ἑώρακα, ὤφθην, imperf. ἑώρων

καθοράω: to look down

ὑϕοράω: to suspect

ὀργίζω: to make angry -οργιῶ, ὤργισα, ὤργισμαι, ὠργίσθην

ὀρέγω: to reach ὀρέξω, ὤρεξα, ὠρέχθην

ὀρύττω: to dig -ορύξω, ὤρυξα, -ορώρυχα, ὀρώρυγμαι, ὠρύχθην

διορύττω: to dig through or across

ὀϕείλω: to owe ὀφειλήσω, ὠφείλησα, 2 aor. ὤφελον


πάσχω: to experience πείσομαι, 2 aor. ἔπαθον, 2 perf. πέπονθα

πείθω: persuade πείσω, ἔπεισα, 2 perf. πέποιθα, πέπεισμαι, ἐπείσθην

πείρω: to pierce ἔπειρα, πέπαρμαι, 2 aor. pass. -επάρην

διαπείρω: to drive through

πέμπω: to convey πέμψω, ἔπεμψα, 2 perf. πέπομφα, πέπεμμαι, ἐπέμφθην

ἀποπέμπω: to send away, to dismiss

ἐκπέμπω: to send out or forth from

μεταπέμπω: to send after

παραπέμπω: to convey, escort

συμπέμπω: to send with

πεπαίνω: to ripen ἐπέπανα, ἐπεπάνθην

πετάννυμι: to spread out πετάσθην

πέτομαι: to fly πτήσομαι, 2 aor. -επτόμην

ἀναπέτομαι: to fly up

εἰσπέτομαι: to fly in

παραπέτομαι: to fly alongside

περιπέτομαι: to fly around

ὑπερπέτομαι: to fly over

πήγνυμι: to fix, make fast πήξω, ἔπηξα, 2 perf. πέπηγα, 2 aor. pass. ἐπάγην

ἀναπήγνυμι: fix on a stake, impale

συμπήγνυμι: to put together, construct

πίνω: to drink πίομαι, 2 aor. ἔπιον, πέπωκα, -πέπομαι, -επόθην

καταπίνω: to gulp, swallow down

προπίνω: to drink before

πίπτω: to fall πεσοῦμαι, 2 aor. ἔπεσον, πέπτωκα

ἀναπίπτω: to fall back

διεκπίπτω: to slip through, into

ἐπιπίπτω: to fall upon or over

καταπίπτω: to fall or drop down

περιπίπτω: to fall around or in with

πλάττω: to form ἔπλασα, πέπλασμαι, ἐπλάσθην

ἀναπλάττω: to form anew, remodel

πλέκω: to weave ἔπλεξα, πέπλεγμαι, -επλάκην

περιπλέκω: to entwine, enfold

συμπλέκω: to twine or plait together

πλέω: to sail πλεύσομαι, ἔπλευσα, πέπλευκα, πέπλευσμαι, ἐπλεύσθην

ἀποπλέω: to sail away, sail off

διαπλέω: to sail across

εἰσπλέω: to sail into, enter

ἐκπλέω: to sail out, sail away, weigh anchor

ἐμπλέω: to sail in

ἐπιπλέω: to sail upon or over

καταπλέω: to sail down

παραπλέω: to sail along

προσπλέω: to sail towards or against

πνέω: to blow πνεύσομαι, ἔπνευσα, -πέπνευκα

περιπνέω: to breathe round or over

πράσσω: to do πράξω, ἔπραξα, 2 perf. πέπραχα, πέπραγμαι, ἐπράχθην

πυνθάνομαι: to learn πεύσομαι, 2 aor. ἐπυθόμην, πέπυσμαι


ῥαίνω: to sprinkle ῥανῶ, ἔρρανα, ἔρρασμαι, ἐρράνθην

ἐπιρραίνω: to sprinkle upon or over

ῥάπτω: to sew -ρράψω, ἔρραψα, ἔρραμαι, ἐρράφην

συρράπτω: to sew or stitch together

ῥέω: to flow ῥυήσομαι, ἐρρύην, ἐρρύηκα

ἀπορρέω: to flow away, stream forth

διαρρέω: to flow through

παραρρέω: to flow beside or past

περιρρέω: to flow round

ῥήγνυμι: to break -ρήξω, ἔρρηξα, -έρρωγα, ἐρράγην

καταρρήγνυμι: to crack (of thunder)

ῥιπτω: throw ῥίψω, ἔρριψα, 2 perf. ἔρριφα, ἔρριμμαι, ἐρρίφην

ἐπιρριπτέω: throw oneself


σβέννυμι: to quench σβέσω, ἔσβεσα, ἔσβηκα ἐσβέσθην, 2 aor. pass. ἔσβην

σέβω: to worship σέβομαι, ἐσέφθην

σείω: to shake σείσω, ἔσεισα, σέσεικα, σέσεισμαι, ἐσείσθην

διασείω: to shake violently

σημαίνω: to indicate σημανῶ, ἐσήμηνα, σεσήμασμαι, ἐσημάνθην

ἐπισημαίνω: to set a mark upon

σκάπτω: to dig σκάψω, -έσκαψα, 2 perf. -έσκαφα, ἔσκαμμαι, 2 aor. pass. -εσκάφην

σκεδάννυμι: to scatter -σκεδῶ, -εσκέδασα, ἐσκέδασμαι, ἐσκεδάσθην

σκπέτομαι: to view σκέψομαι, ἐσκεψάμην, ἔσκεμμαι

σκώπτω: to mock σκώψομαι, ἔσκωψα, ἐσκώφθην

σπάω: to draw σπάσω, ἔσπασα, -έσπακα, ἔσπασμαι, -εσπάσθην

ἀνασπάω: to pluck up, take up

ἀποσπάω: to tear away

σπένδω: to pour a drink-offering σπείσω, ἔσπεισα, ἔσπεισμαι

στάζω: drip ἔσταξα, -έσταγμαι, -εστάχθην

ἐπιστάζω: let fall in drops, instill

καταστάζω: pour upon, shed over

στέλλω: to send στελῶ, ἔστειλα, -έσταλκα, ἔσταλμαι, 2 aor. pass. ἐστάλην

ἀποστέλλω: to send out

στρέϕω: to turn στρέψω, ἔστρεψα, ἔστραμμαι, ἐστρέφθην

ἀναστρέϕω: to turn back, return

σύρω: to draw -έσυρα, -σέσυρκα, -σέσυρμαι

ἐπισύρω: to drag or trail after

σϕάττω: to slay σφάξω, ἔσφαξα, ἔσφαγμαι, 2 aor. pass. -εσφάγην

ἀποσϕάττω: to cut the throat of

σῴζω: to save σώσω, ἔσωσα, σέσωκα, ἐσώθην


ταράττω: to stir up ταράξω, ἐτάραξα, τετάραγμαι, ἐταράχθην

τάσσω: to arrange, τάξω, ἔταξα, 2 perf. τέταχα, τέταγμαι, ἐτάχθην

διατάσσω: to draw up, arrange

ἐκτάσσω: to draw out in battle-order

παρατάσσω: to place side by side, draw up in battle-order

προστάσσω: to place, post at

τείνω: stretch τενῶ, -έτεινα, -τέτακα, τέταμαι, -ετάθην

προτείνω: to stretch out before, hold before

τελέω: to complete τελῶ, ἐτέλεσα, τετέλεκα, τετέλεσμαι, ἐτελέσθην

ἐκτελέω: to bring quite to an end

συντελέω: to bring to an end, complete, accomplish

ὑποτελέω: to pay tribute

τέμνω: to cut τεμῶ, 2 aor. ἔτεμον, -τέτμηκα, τέτμημαι, ἐτμήθην

ἀνατέμνω: to cut open

ἀποτέμνω: to cut off, sever

τήκω: to melt τήξω, ἔτηξα, τέτηκα, ἐτάκην

τίθημι: to place θήσω, ἔθηκα, τέθηκα, τέθειμαι (but usu. instead κεῖμαι), ἐτέθην

ἀνατίθημι: to put up

ἐντίθημι: to put in

παρατίθημι: to place beside

προστίθημι: to put to

συντίθημι: to put together

τιτρώσκω: to wound -τρώσω, ἔτρωσα, τέτρωμαι, ἐτρώθην

τρέπω: to turn τρέψω, ἔτρεψα, τέτροφα, ἐτράπην

ἀποτρέπω: to turn away

ἐπιτρέπω: to turn towards

τρέϕω: to nourish θρέψω, ἔθρεψα, 2 perf. τέτροφα, τέθραμμαι, ἐτράφην

τρέχω: to run δραμοῦμαι, ἔδραμον, -δεδράμηκα

κατατρέχω: to run down

παρατρέχω: to run by or past

τρίβω: to rub τρίψω, ἔτριψα, 2 perf. τέτριφα, τέτριμμαι, ἐτρίβην

διατρίβω: to spend time

ἐκτρίβω: to rub out

συντρίβω: to rub together

τυγχάνω: to happen τεύξομαι, ἔτυχον, τετύχηκα, τέτυγμαι, ἐτύχθην

ἐντυγχάνω: to fall in with, meet with

περιτυγχάνω: to fall in with

τύϕω: to smoke τέθυμμαι, -ετύφην

ὑποτύϕομαι: to burn with a smouldering fire


ὑπισχνέομαι: to promise ὑπο-σχήσομαι, 2 aor. ὑπ-εσχόμην

ὑϕαίνω: to weave ὑφανῶ, ὕφηνα, ὕφασμαι, ὑφάνθην

διυϕαίνω: to fill up by weaving


ϕαίνω: to show φανῶ, ἔφηνα, πέφηνα, πέφασμαι, ἐφάνην

ἀποϕαίνω: to display, produce

ἐκϕαίνω: to show, reveal

ἐμϕαίνω: exhibit

προϕαίνω: to bring forth, bring to light

ὑποϕαίνω: to appear slightly, just be visible

φαίνομαι: to appear

περιϕαίνομαι: to be visible all round

φέρω: to bear οἴσω, 1 aor. ἤνεγκα, 2 aor. ἤνεγκον, 2 perf. ἐνήνοχα, ἐνήνεγμαι, ἠνέχθην

ἀποϕέρω: to carry off

ἐκϕέρω: to carry out of

ἐπιφέρω: bear up, carry upon

καταϕέρω: to bring down

παραϕέρω: to bring to

προσϕέρω: to bring to or upon, approach

συμϕέρω: to bring together, gather, collect

ϕεύγω: to flee φεύξομαι, ἔφυγον, πέφευγα

διαϕεύγω: to flee through, get away from, escape

ἐκϕεύγω: to flee, escape

καταϕεύγω: to flee for refuge

ὑποϕεύγω: to flee from under, shun

ϕθάνω: to anticipate φθήσομαι, ἔφθασα, ἔφθην

ϕράζω: to point out φράσω, ἔφρασα, πέφρακα, πέφρασμαι, ἐφράσθην

ϕυλάττω: to guard φυλάξω, ἐφύλαξα, πεφύλαχα, πεφύλαγμαι, ἐφυλάχθην

ϕύω: to bring forth φύσω, ἔφυσα, 2 aor. ἔφυν, πέφυκα

ἀναφύω: to grow, produce

ἐκϕύω: to grow out

συμϕύω: to grow together


χαίρω: to rejoice at χαιρήσω, κεχάρηκα, κεχάρημαι, ἐχάρην

ὑπερχαίρω: to rejoice exceedingly at

χαλεπαίνω: to be offended χαλεπανῶ, ἐχαλέπηνα, ἐχαλεπάνθην

χάσκω: to gape 2 aor. ἔχανον, 2 perf. κέχηνα

ἀναχάσκω: to open the mouth wide

χέω: to pour fut. χέω, aor. ἔχεα, κέχυκα, κέχυμαι, ἐχύθην

ἐπιχέω: to pour over

περιχέω: to pour round or over

χράομαι: to use χρήσομαι, ἐχρησάμην, κέχρημαι, ἐχρήσθην

χρίω: to anoint χρίσω, ἔχρισα, κέχριμαι, ἐχρίσθην


ψεύδω: to lie ψεύσω, ἔψευσα, ἔψευσμαι, ἐψεύσθην

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