Vergil, Aeneid V 114-123

Prīma parēs ineunt gravibus certāmina rēmīs

quattuor ex omnī dēlēctae classe carīnae.115

Vēlōcem Mnēstheus agit ācrī rēmige Pristim,

mox Italus Mnēstheus, genus ā quō nōmine Memmī,

ingentemque Gyās ingentī mōle Chimaeram,

urbis opus, triplicī pūbēs quam Dardana versū

impellunt, ternō cōnsurgunt ōrdine rēmī;120

Sergestusque, domus tenet ā quō Sergia nōmen,

Centaurō invehitur magnā, Scyllāque Cloanthus

caeruleā, genus unde tibī, Rōmāne Cluentī.


pār, paris: (adj.), equal, 1.705; like, 2.794; equal, well-poised, steady, 4.252; side by side, 5.580; well-matched, 5.114.

ineō, īvī or iī, itus, īre, irreg. n. and a.: to go into; come upon; enter, 5.114; of a period of time, open, commence, begin; undertake, perform, 5.846.

certāmen, inis, n.: a striving, a struggle; effort, 5.197; combat, emulation, strife, 3.128; battle, war, 8.639; contest, game, 5.286. (certō)

rēmus, ī, m.: originally steering-oar; an oar, 1.104.

dēligō, lēgī, lēctus, 3, a.: to choose from; choose, 2.18. (dē and legō)

carīna, ae, f.: the keel of a ship, ship, 4.398; a boat, 6.391; frame, timber, 5.682.

vēlōx, ōcis: (adj.), swift, fleet, 4.174; quick, ready, 5.444.

Mnestheus, and Menestheus, eī and eos, m.: Mnestheus, one of the Trojan chiefs under Aeneas, 5.117; 10.129, et al.

rēmex, igis, m.: an oarsman, a rower, 4.588; a band of oarsmen, crew, oarsmen, 5.116. (rēmus and agō)

pristis, is, f.: 1. A sea-monster, 10.211. 2. Pristis, the Pristis, one of the ships of Aeneas, 5.154. (another form for pistrīx)

Italus, a, um: Italian, 3.440, et al.; subst., Italī, ōrum, m., the Italians, 1.109. (Ītalia)

Memmius, iī, m.: Memmius, a Roman gentile or family name, 5.117.

Gyās, ae, m.: 1. Gyas, commander of one of the ships of Aeneas, 1.222. 2. A Latin slain by Aeneas, 10.318.

mōlēs, is, f.: a cumbrous mass; a heavy pile or fabric; mound, rampart, 9.35; dike, 2.497; a mass of buildings, vast buildings, 1.421; structure, 11.130; frame or figure, 2.32; bulk, 5.118; weight, 7.589; pile, mass, 1.61; gigantic frame, 5.431; warlike engine, siege tower, 5.439; array, pomp, train, 12.161; body of soldiers, phalanx, 12.575; heavy storm, tempest, 5.790; toil, work, labor, 1.33.

Chimaera, ae, f.: 1. A monster, said to have infested Lycia, having the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a dragon, and breathing out fire, 6.288. 2. The name of one of the ships of Aeneas, 5.118.

triplex, icis: adj. (trēs and plicō), threefold, triple, 10.784, et al.

pūbēs, is, f.: the groin, middle, 3.427; the youthful population; youth, young men; youthful band, 1.399; brood, offspring, 6.580.

Dardanus, a, um: (adj.), Trojan, 5.119; subst., the Dardanian; Aeneas, 4.662; the Trojan, for the nation, 11.287.

versus, ūs, m.: a turning; a verse or line of poetry; a rank, row, tier of oars, 5.119. (vertō)

impellō, pulī, pulsus, 3, a.: to push, thrust, drive to or upon; push onward, impel, 5.242; push, open, 7.621; smite, 1.82; ply, 4.594; put in motion, urge on, 8.3; shoot, 12.856; move, disturb, 3.449; (w. inf.), lead on, impel, induce, persuade, 2.55; force, compel, 1.11.

ternī, ae, a.: distrib. num. adj. (trēs), three each, 5.247; as a cardinal, three, 1.266; once in the sing., ternō ōrdine, in triple rank, in three tiers, 5.120.

cōnsurgō, surrēxī, surrēctus, 3, n.: to rise together, rise up; rise at once, 8.110; rise, 5.20; rise or spring to the oars, ply, 10.299.

Sergestus, ī, m.: commander of one of the ships of Aeneas, 1.510, et al.

Sergius, a, um: adj. (Sergius), of Sergius, founder of the Roman gens Sergia; Sergian, 5.121.

Centaurus, ī, m.: 1. A Centaur, a fabulous monster, with a human head and neck and the body of a horse, 6.286. 2. The name of a ship in the fleet of Aeneas (fem.), 5.122.

invehō, vexī, vectus, 3, a.: to carry into or forward; (pass.), invehī, to ride or drive, 1.155; sail, 5.122; w. acc. of place, sail to, arrive at, or in, 7.436; enter, 8.714.

Scylla, ae, f.: 1. A dangerous rock on the Italian side of the Straits of Messana opposite Charybdis, 3.420; personified as a monster, half woman and half fish, 3.424. 2. The name of one of the ships of Aeneas, 5.122.

Cloanthus, ī, m.: commander of one of the ships of Aeneas, 1.222.

caerulus, a, um: (adj.), dark blue, 2.381; sea-colored, azure, 5.819; dark; black, 3.64; subst., caerula, ōrum, n., the dark blue waters; the sea, 3.208.

Rōmānus, a, um: adj. (Rōma), belonging to Rome; Roman, 1.33; subst., Rōmānus, ī, m., a Roman, 1.234.

Cluentius, iī, m.: a Roman gentile name, 5.123.

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