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P.Lond.Lit. 181 Fr. 1 Scholia to Callimachus

    A papyrus of four rolls, originally used for farm accounts, to which was later added the Constitution of Athens (Athenaion Politeia) attributed to Aristotle, a portion of a commentary on Demosthenes' speech against Meidias, and scholia on Callimachus' Aetia. The fourth, fragmentary roll was formerly listed by the British Museum as Papyrus 131* (see Catalogue of Additions 1894), but this separate designation is no longer in use. Folio references on Digitised Manuscripts refer to the parts into which the papyrus is now divided at the British Library, and not to the original rolls (roll 1 = ff 1-2; roll 2 = f 3; roll 3 = f 4; roll 4 = f 5). In addition, for ease of use, the commentary on Demosthenes' In Midiam, which is upside down relative to the text of the Constitution of Athens, has been inverted and added as f 2cv, and the scholia on Callimachus' Aetia has been similarly inverted and added as f 2cr.


    Contents: Three columns of fragments of scholia on Callimachus's Aetia (Σ Lond. = frr. 1d, 2a, and 2e Harder), copied in the 1st century AD on the recto of col. 11 of the Constitution. Published in Milne 1927 and Harder 2012.3.

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    AD 78-100
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