Caesar’s Army (12:34). Loren J. Samons, Professor of Classical Studies, Boston University. Dr. Samons  is the author of many books and articles on Greek and Roman history, and the recipient of several teaching awards, including the Distinguished Teaching Professorship from The National Endowment for the Humanities (2011-). This podcast draws on material from his popular course at Boston University, “Warfare in Antiquity.” Recorded August, 2012. 

Loren J. Samons


1.Structure: citizens vs. professionals; the legion; auxiliaries; the cohort; the century; battle lines

2.Weaponry: gladius; scutum; pilum

3.Tactics: the use of the pilum; the use of the gladius; the importance of reserve power; the triplex acies

4.Command: commanders with imperium; military tribunes; centurions; chief centurions

5.Allied troops: Gallic cavalry; light armed troops