Year Pompey Cicero
106 Born (29 September) Born (3 January)
90-88 Military Service, including with Pompey’s father Gnaeus Pompeius Strabo (one of the consuls of 89)
89-87 Military Service under his father Gnaeus Pompeius Strabo, who dies in 87.
83-81 Various campaigns: in support of Sulla (in Italy, Sicily, Africa)
81 First triumph First surviving public speech (pro Quinctio)
79-77 Rhetorical and philosophical studies in Rhodes and Athens
76-71 Campaign in Spain against Sertorius as holder of a proconsular imperium (granted by a reluctant senate); contribution to the suppression of the slave revolt upon his return; second triumph for his victories in Spain Active in the law courts
75 Quaestor in Sicily
70 Consul for the first time (with Crassus) Prosecution of Verres
69 Aedile
67 Campaign against the pirates as holder of an extraordinary command sanctioned by the lex Gabinia
66 Praetor; speech in favour of the lex Manilia (de imperio Gn. Pompei)
65-61 Campaign against Mithridates as holder of an extraordinary command sanctioned by the lex Manilia; third triumph
63 Consul; suppression of the Catilinarian conspiracy
58 Pushed into exile on account of the execution of the Catilinarians (till 57)
55 Consul for the second time (with Crassus)
52 Consul sine collega (‘without colleague’), to restore order in the capital
51 Pro-consul in Cilicia
48 Pompey assassinated in the course of the civil war against Caesar
43 Proscription by Mark Antony; death