a., to turn, freq.; turn round, 12.462; turn back, put to flight, 10.512; turn toward, send to, 11.798; direct, 3.146; transfer, 11.282; reverse, 8.210; upturn, invert, 1.478; turn out, empty, drain, 9.165; overthrow, destroy, 1.20; subvert, 11.264; change, 1.237; transform, 12.891; sē vertere, to change; to be directed, to result, issue, tend, 1.671; (pass.), vertī, of the heavens, to turn round, revolve, 2.250; of the year or seasons, to come round, revolve, return, 5.526; to move about, career about, 11.683; to turn upon, depend on, 10.529; to move, be conducted, 7.101; n., to turn, be transformed, changed.

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vertō, vertī, versus, 3, a. and n.
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