to stand; stand up or erect, 2.774; remain standing, remain, 1.268; rise, 6.554; stand one's ground, fight, 5.414; of blood, to be stanched, 12.422; stand complete, be built, 3.110; stand at anchor, be moored, 3.277, 403; to be situated, lie, 3.210; remain firm, persistent, 7.374; to stand out with, be filled with, 6.300; to be thick with, 12.408; emphatic for esse, to be, 6.471, et al.; of the mind, to be fixed, 1.646; to depend, 2.163; (impers.), stat, it is fixed, determined, resolved, 2.750, et al.; stāre prō, to defend, 8; 653.

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stō, stetī, status, 1, n.
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