adj. (rel. to μέγας, great), great, 1.602, and freq.; wide, vast, extended, expansive, 1.300; grand, stately, lofty, towering, 3.703; in number, 1.148; in weight, 5.248; in rank, power, character, 1.241; mighty, 5.414; venerable, 6.544; formidable, direful, 2.190; comp., māior, with or without nātū, the elder; māximus, a, um, with or without nātū, eldest, 1.654, et al.; subst., māgnum, ī, n., a great, noble, difficult, lofty thing, freq.; māgna, ōrum, great things; great rewards, 2.161; (adv.), māgnum, largely, widely, greatly, loudly, 9.705.

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māgnus, a, um; compar., māior, ius; superl., māximus, a, um