love, affection, in all senses; the passion of love; love, affection, or esteem, in all human relations, as parental, filial, of friends, allies, etc., 4.624, et al.; of gods, 7.769; love, liking, fancy, fondness, preference, for things, 11.583, et al.; freq., the hippomanes, or bunch of flesh supposed to appear on the forehead of a new-foaled colt, and instantly devoured by the dam, unless intercepted, and used as a love-charm, 4.516; personified, Amor, ōris, m., Cupid, Love, the god of love, 1.663; pl., amōrēs, um, m., affections, love, 4.28; mutual love, 5.334. (amō)

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amor, ōris, m.
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