(prep. with abl.), from, in relations of space, time, source, cause, and agency; from, 1.371; following a substantive directly, with ellipsis of participle, 1.160; at, on, to, 7.106; from the direction, on the side of, 5.19; in respect to, 11.174; according to, 9.235; from a period or point of time, 2.87; since, after, 1.730; (of persons), by, 2.429; ā tergō, from the rear, behind, 1.186; ab ūsque, as far as from, even from, 7.289. In composition, ab is unchanged before vowels and before i(= j), h, b, d, l, n, r, s; becomes abs before c, q, t, as before p; ā in āfui from absum; and au is used in auferō, from ab and ferō, and in aufugiō, from ab and fugiō.

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ā, ab, abs