Aeneid Manuscripts

M: Florence, Laur. 39.1 + Vatican lat. 3225, f.76, known as the “codex Mediceus.” Written in Italy in the fifth century in rustic capitals. [links updated and working as of December 31 2018]

P: Vatican, Pal. lat. 1631, the "codex Palatinus" Written in Italy in s. V/VI in rustic capitals.

R: Vatican lat. 3867, the “codex Romanus.” Written in Italy in s. V/VI in rustic capitals, it contains a number of miniatures.

F: Vatican lat. 3225, known as the “schedae Vaticanae.” Written in Italy towards the end of the fourth century. 75 leaves survive.

G: St. Gall 1394, written in the fifth century, in square capitals of Italian origin.