A re-used Roman limestone sarcophagus found in a 10-century Anglo-Saxon burial site under Lincoln Castle in Lincoln, UK. 


    This limestone sarcophagus was discovered during the construction of an elevator shaft in Lincoln Castle in 2013. The sarcophagus itself is most likely a reused Roman sarcophagus, but the burial site was Anglo-Saxon, dating from the tenth century. This example clearly illustrates the locus quoque capitis seorsum fabrÄ“factus ("place separately fashioned for the head," HE 4.19.21) found in the reused Roman sarcophagus found for the reburial of St. Æthelthryth. 

    "First look at Saxon sarcophagus uncovered at Lincoln Castle," The Lincolnite 14 November 2013.

    "Sarcophagus found under Lincoln Castle opened," The History Blog 18 November 2013.

    10th century
    Lincoln Castle, Lincoln, UK