Epitaph of Gnome

    Funerary Inscription for the ornatrix (hairdresser) Gnome (2 BC). CIL 6.9730 = ILS 7419: GNOME PIERINIS / ANCILLA ORNATRIX / ELATA EST A[nte] D[iem] V K[alendas] FEBRVARIAS / IMP[eratoris] CAESAR[is] / XIII M[arco] PLAVTIO SILVANO CO[n]S[ulibus]. "Gnome, slave of Pierinis, hairdresser. She was carried out five days before the Kalends of February, Emperor Caesar being consul for the thirteenth time, with Marcus Plautius Silvanus." (January 28, 2 BC). Now in the Terme Museum, Rome. Photo: Ann R. Raia.

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