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Fr. 175

.  .  .  .  .

         ].βε[. .]ο.[

         ]ο.[. .]νοσ[

     ].ν π[.].εβο.[

 ].α. .μ.ου[


   ]πυρκαϊῆς [


             ]. .νανει [



Fr. 175 (= 175 Pf.) P.Oxy 2170, fr. 4 [image], Trismegistos 59370

Pfeiffer suggests that this fragment was about the pyre of Eteocles and Polyneices in Aetia 4 (fr. 105, The Dragging of Antigone). It is found among other fragments of Aetia 4 in P.Oxy 2170, lending further support to this supposition. Alternatively, the fragment may belong to a story about the pyre of Broteas. This Broteas was a huntsman who scorned  Artemis and who, after asserting that fire could do him no harm, hurled himself into a fire in a fit of insanity and perished (Apollod. Epit. 2.2). This alternative possibilty is also alluded to by Pfeiffer.

Fr. 175

πυρκαιά -ας, ἡ: any place where fire is kindled, a funeral pyre

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