Fr. 119

       .       .       .       .       .       .       .

         Μηκώνην μακάρων ἕδρανον αὖτις ἰδεῖν,

       ἧχι πάλους ἐβάλοντο, διεκρίναντο δὲ τιμάς

         πρῶτα Γιγαντείου δαίμονες ἐκ πολέμου·


5             ]θος μεγ.[

            ]ις· μουνω[



    Fr  119 Harder (= 119 Pf., = 69 Mass.) 
      1 Σ BD Pi.N. 9, 123b
      2-7 P.Oxy. 2210, fr. 1 [image], Trismegistos 59389

      2-3 Σ M E.Hec. 472


    Μηκώνη is either a name for Sicyon or a town near Sicyon, which might indicate a connection to fr. 137a (the Epops fragment) where Sicyon also occurs. Who is returning or what the returnee has to do with the division of the cosmos is unclear.

    Fr. 119

    Μηκώνη -ης, ἡ: Mecone, perhaps on old name for Sicyon

    μάκαρ -αρος: (masc. adj.) blessed, happy; used substαntivally of the gods

    ἕδρανον -ου, τό: a seat, abode

    ἧχι: (adv.) where

    πάλος -ου, ὁ: the lot cast from a shaken helmet, ballot

    διακρίνω: separate from one another, decide, judge between

    Fr. 119

                .            .            .            .            .      

    to see Mecone, the seat of the blessed ones, again,

    where the gods threw lots and first divided the honors

    among themselves, after the war of the Giants.

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