A Daughter of Athamas

Fr. 49

   Τάμμεω θυγατέρος 

    Fr. 49 Harder (= 49 Pf.) Σ A Il. 9.193

    Tammes (sc. Athamas) is probably the son of Aeolus. His daughters included Helle, Themisto, and Eurycleia, a daughter of Ino. This Athamas forms part of the background to the story of the Golden Fleece. The daughter of a younger Athamas was central to the foundation myth of Teos. Which daughter is meant here cannot be determined.

    Fr. 49

    Τάμμης -εω, ὁ: Athamas, either the son of Aeolus who ruled in Halus and Orchomenus, or a descendant; this form of the name is highly irregular, see note in Harder.

    Fr. 49

    . . . (of) the daughter of Athamas . . . 

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