The Other Statue of Hera at Samos

Fr. 101

       Ἥρῃ τῇ Σαμίῃ περὶ μὲν τρίχας ἄμπελος ἕρπει 

Fr. 101 Harder (= 101 Pf., = 204 Mass.) P.Mil. Vogl. I 18 col. IV 30
Trismegistos 59371

This is another double aition, as either the same statue of Hera continues to be the focus, or a second one in Samos. This time the statue is adorned with the accoutrements of Dionysus (a vine) and Heracles (a lion skin). Both Heracles and Dionysus were ancestors of the Ptolemies, and were persecuted by Hera during their earthly existence.

Fr. 101

θρίξ, τριχός, ἡ: Hair

ἄμπελος, -ου, ἡ: grape-vine

ἕρπω: move-slowly, walk, creep

Fragment 101a Harder (= Diegesis IV 30-5; 1.106 Pf.) P.Mil.Vogl. I 18 col. IV 30-5 [image], Trismegistos 59371

       Ἥρῃ τῇ Σαμίῃ περὶ μὲν τρίχας ἄμπελος ἕρπει

               Λέγεται ὡς τῇ Σαμίᾳ Ἥρᾳ περιέρπει

               τὰς τρίχας ἄμπελος, πρὸς δ' ἐδά-

               φει λεοντῆ βέβληται, ὡς λάφυρα

5            τῶν Διὸς νόθων παίδων, Ἡρακλέ-

               ους καὶ Διονύσου.


"Α vine creeps around Samian Hera's hair"

     It is said that a vine creeps around Samian Hera's 

     hair and that on the ground a lion's skin

     is thrown, like the spoils of the

     illegitimate sons of Zeus, Heracles5

     and Dionysus.

Fr. 101

a vine creeps around Samian Hera's hair

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