The Anchor of the Argo Left at Cyzicus

Fr. 108

       Ἀργὼ καὶ σέ, Πάνορμε, κατέδραμε καὶ τεὸν ὕδωρ   

Fr. 108 (= 108 Pf., = 211 + 212 Mass.) P.Mil.Vogl. I 18
   col. V 33 [image], 
Trismegistos 59371

This aition relates how the Argonauts, stopping at the harbor at Cyzicus for water, left an anchor stone on the shore and replaced it with a heavier one. The stone was subsequently dedicated to Athena. The story was also related in the Argonautica (1.953-6) as an event that occurred at the beginning of the voyage.



Cozzoli, Adele Teresa. 2007 'Segmenti di epos argonautico in Callimaco.' In L'epos argonautico. Atti del convegno Roma, 13 maggio 2004, edited by Antonio Martina and Adele-Teresa Cozzoli, 143-63. Roma: Università degli studi Roma Tre, Dipartimento di studi sul mondo antico.

Fr. 108

Ἀργώ -οῦς ἡ, the Argo, the ship in which Jason sailed to retrieve the Golden Fleece

κατατρέχω -δραμοῦμαι -έδραμον: run down; disembark

Πάνορμος -ου, ὁ: Panormus, one of the harbors of Cyzicus

Fr. 109a Harder (= Diegesis V 33-9; 1, 111 Pf.) P.Mil. Vogl. I 18 V 33-9 [image], Trismegistos 59371

       Ἀργὼ καὶ σέ, Πάνορμε, κατέδραμε, καὶ τεὸν ὕδωρ

               Φησὶ τοὺς Ἀργοναύτας ὑδρεύσασθαι ἀ-

               ποβάντας εἰς Κύζικον ἀπολιπεῖν τὸν

               λίθον ἐνθάδε ᾧ ἐχρῶντο ἀγκύραι, ἅτε

5            ἐλαφρότερον ὄντα – τοῦτον δ' ὕστερον

               καθιερωθῆναι Ἀθηνᾷ – , ἕτερόν γε μὴν

               βαρύτερον ἀναλαβε[]ν.


"On your shores, too, Panormus, the Argo landed, and your water"

     He says that the Argonauts, when they

     went ashore to fetch water at Cyzicus, left behind

     the stone that they used to anchor there because

     it was too light— and that later5

     it was dedicated to Athena— and they took another

     (stone) which was heavier.

Fr. 108

On your shores, too, Panormus, the Argo landed, and your water

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