Untitled - 41

Fr. 41

         γηράσκει δ᾽ὁ γέρων κεῖνος ἐλαφρότερον,

       κοῦροι τὸν φιλέουσιν, ἑὸν δέ μιν οἷα γονῆα

         χειρὸς ἐπ᾽οἰκείην ἄχρις ἄγουσι θύρην.

Fr. 41 (= 41 Pf., = 48 Mass.) Stob. 4.50.11

According to Stobaeus, this fragment is to be located in Book I. It lacks context and has the feel of erotic epigram, especially  those of Tyrtaeus and Mimnermus (the latter was mentioned in the prologue). But, given the opening contrast of the aged poet and his recollection of his earlier encounter with the Muses, an old man led by children might be a metaphor for, or image of the poet as the book closes. 

Fr. 41

γηράσκω: to age, grow old

γέρων -οντος, ὁ: old man

ἐλαφρός -ά -όν: light, easy

γονεύς -έως, ὁ: begetter, father

θύρα -ας, ἡ: door (Ion. θύρη)

ἄχρι: until, as far as, up to

Fr. 41

That old man ages more lightly

whom boys love and, just as they would their own father,

they lead him by the hand up to the door of his house.

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