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Fr. 33

       τετράενον Δαμάσου παῖδα Τελεστορίδην

    Fr. 33 Harder (= 33 Pf., = 40 Mass.) Lyd.Mens. 4.1

    Only one line of this aition is known. The best guess for its context is that of G.-B. D'Alessio in his 2007 commentary (p. 413 n.100). He thinks this might be about the statue of Athena at Siris who had her eyes closed because Achaean colonists massacred Sirians in her temple while she averted her eyes (Lycophron, Alexandra 984 ff. and Strabo, Geography 6.1.14). A Damasus of Siris is mentioned by Herodotus (Histories 6.127.1), but not this story. D'Alessio's suggestion is attractive because it would place this aition in a sequence with Artemis of Leucas and Teuthis, also about divine statues and their peculiar attributes.  

    Fr. 33

    τετράενες -ον: four years old

    Δαμάσος -ου, ὁ: Damasus

    Τελεστορίδης -ου, ὁ: son of Telestor

    Fr. 33

    the four-year-old son of Damasus, descendant of Telestor

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