Vergil, Aeneid V 35-41

At procul ex celsō mīrātus vertice montis35

adventum sociāsque ratēs occurrit Acestēs,

horridus in iaculīs et pelle Libystidis ursae,

Trōïa Crīnīsō conceptum flūmine māter

quem genuit. Veterum nōn immemor ille parentum

grātātur reducēs et gazā laetus agrestī40

excipit, ac fessōs opibus sōlātur amīcīs.


celsus, a, um: adj. (cellō, rise), high, lofty, 1.56, et al.

vertex, icis, m.: a whirl; whirlpool, 7.567; vortex, 1.117; whirling column of flame, 12.673; the top, crown of the head, the head, 1.403; summit, top, 1.163; mountain summit, height, 3.679; ā vertice, from on high, from above, 1.114. (vertō)

adventus, ūs, m.: a coming, an arrival, 5.36; advance, 11.607. (advenio)

ratis, is, f.: a raft, float; bark, boat, ship, 1.43, et al.

Acestēs, ae, m.: Acestes or Segestus, the son of Crimisus, a Sicilian river god, and Egesta or Segesta, a Trojan woman, 1.195.

horridus, a, um: adj. (horreō), rough, bristling, 3.23, et al.; bristling with arms; shaggy, grizzly, stiffened, 4.251; blustering, tempestuous, 9.670; terrible, fearful, 1.296.

iaculum, ī, n.: a thing hurled; a spear, dart, or javelin, 3.46, et al. (iaciō)

pellis, is, f.: a skin, hide, 2.722, et al.

Libystis, idis: (adj.), Libyan, 5.37.

ursa, ae, f.: a she-bear; a bear, 5.37. (ursus)

Trōius, a, um: (adj.), of Troy, Trojan, 1.119.

Crīnīsus, ī, m.: a river in the southwestern part of Sicily, 5.38.

concipiō, cēpī, ceptus, 3, a.: to take completely; assume, 11.519; take in; conceive, 5.38; imagine, 4.502; to be possessed, filled with, 4.474; conceive, form, or express in words; form, draw up, 12.13. (com- and capiō)

immemor, oris: (adj.), not remembering, without memory, oblivious, 6.750; unconscious, 9.374; reckless, heedless, 2.244; often w. gen., unmindful, forgetful of, 5.39.

grātor, ātus sum, 1, dep. n.: to wish joy to; w. dat. (the acc. is doubtful), rejoice with; congratulate, 4.478; greet, welcome (perhaps w. esse), 5.40. (grātus)

redux, ucis: adj. (redūcō), led back, brought back, returning, 1.390.

gāza, ae, f.: strictly, the Persian royal treasure; in gen., riches, wealth, treasure, 1.119. (a Persian word, Greek form, γάζα)

agrestis, e: adj. (ager), pertaining to the fields or country; country-, rustic, rural, 3.34; wild, 7.111; subst., agrestis, is, m., a rustic, 7.504; husbandman.

atque, or ac: (conj.), and in addition, or and besides; and, as well, and indeed, and, 1.575; freq.; even, 2.626; in comparisons, as, 4.90; than, 3.561.

sōlor, ātus sum, 1, dep. a.: to solace, console, 5.770; assuage, comfort, aid, relieve, 5.41; console one's self for, 1.239.

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Christopher Francese and Meghan Reedy, Vergil: Aeneid Selections. Carlisle, Pennsylvania: Dickinson College Commentaries, 2016. ISBN: 978-1-947822-08-5.