Haec ubi dicta dedit Phoebī longaeva sacerdōs,

'Sed iam age, carpe viam et susceptum perfice mūnus;

accelerēmus' ait; 'Cyclōpum ēducta camīnīs630

moenia cōnspiciō atque adversō fornice portās,

haec ubi nōs praecepta iubent dēpōnere dōna.'

Dīxerat et pariter gressī per opāca viārum

corripiunt spatium medium foribusque propinquant.

Occupat Aenēās aditum corpusque recentī635

spargit aquā rāmumque adversō in līmine fīgit.


    dictum, ī, n.: a thing said; word, 1.197; command, precept, injunction, 1.695; promise, 8.643. (dīcō)

    Phoebus, ī, m.: Phoebus or Apollo, 1.329, et al.

    longaevus, a, um: adj. (longus and aevum), of advanced age; aged, 2.525, et al.

    age, agite: (imperat. of ago), onward! away! come on!

    carpo, carpsī, carptus, 3, a.: to pluck or pull, crop, browse upon, eat, graze; cause to graze, pasture; gather, 6.146; (fig.), catch, breathe, enjoy, 1.388; consume, 4.2; devour, waste, 4.32; carpere prāta, etc., to course over.

    perficiō, fēcī, fectus, 3, a.: to make completely; finish, complete, 6.745; perform, 3.178; p., perfectus, a, um, worked, wrought, executed, 5.267; fulfilled, 3.548. (per and faciō)

    accelerō, āvī, ātus, 1, a. and n.: to hasten; make haste, 5.675. (ad and celerō)

    Cyclōps, ōpis, m.: a Cyclops, one of the Cyclopes, fabulous giants of Sicily, supposed to have a round eye in the middle of the forehead, 3.569.

    camīnus, ī, m.: a furnace; forge, 6.630; crevice, cavity, 3.580.

    cōnspiciō, spexī, spectus, 3, a.: to have a complete view of; to look at, see, behold, 1.152; descry, discover, find, 6.508; p., cōnspectus, a, um, conspicuous. (com- and speciō, look)

    fornix, icis, m.: an arch, vault, 6.631.

    iubeō, iussī (fut. perf. iussō for iusserō, 11.467), iussus, 2, a.: to order, request, usually w. inf., freq.; bid, 2.3; ask, invite, 1.708; will, wish, desire, 3.261; direct, enjoin, admonish, 3.697; persuade, advise, 2.37; to clear by command, 10.444; w. subj., 10.53.

    dēpōnō, posuī, positus, 3, a.: to put down or aside; recline, 7.108; put off, from, put on shore, 5.751; lay down, lay, 6.632; lay aside, dismiss, banish, 2.76; (pass., of sickness), to be laid down, dying, despaired of, 12.395.

    pariter: (adv.), equally, 2.729; also, in like manner, in the same manner, on equal terms, 1.572; side by side, 2.205; at the same time, 10.865; pariter — pariter, 8.545. (pār)

    gradior, gressus sum, 3, dep. n.: to step, walk, go, 1.312; move, advance, 10.572.

    opācus, a, um: (adj.), shady, 6.283; obscure, dark, 3.619; subst., opāca, ōrum, n., partitive; opāca viārum, dark pathways, roads, 6.633.

    corripiō, ripuī, reptus, 3, a.: to take completely or eagerly; to grasp, snatch, seize, catch, 1.45; hurry away, 1.100; tear away; hasten on, take, 1.418; raise quickly, rouse, 4.572; sē corripere, to hasten away, 6.472. (com- and rapiō)

    foris, is, f.: a door; often in the pl. with reference to double doors, 1.505; door or entrance. (rel. to θύρα)

    propinquō, āvī, ātus, 1, a. and n.: to bring near; render favorable, 10.254; to draw near, approach, w. dat., 2.730, et al. (propinquus)

    Aenēās, ae, m.: 1. A Trojan chief, son of Venus and Anchises, and hero of the Aeneid, 1.92. 2. Aenēās Silvius, one of the Alban kings, 6.769.

    aditus, ūs, m.: a going to; an approach, avenue, access, passage, entrance, 2.494; (fig.), approach, 4.423. (adeō)

    spargō, sparsī, sparsus, 3, a.: to scatter, strew; cast in fragments, 3.605; disperse, 1.602; shower, hurl, 12.51; sprinkle, 4.512; besprinkle, bedew, stain, 8.645; infuse, 4.486; (fig.), spread abroad, disseminate, 2.98; bring over or upon, diffuse, 7.754.

    rāmus, ī, m.: a branch, bough, 4.485, et al.; limb, 8.318; wreath, 5.71.

    fīgō, fīxī, fīxus, 3, a.: to fix or fasten; freq., the object in or on which, in the abl., 1.212; abl. w. prep., 6.636; acc. w. prep., 9.408; fasten up, suspend from, 3.287; hang up, 1.248; set up, establish, make, 6.622; transfix, pierce, 5.516; hurl (fix by hurling), 10.883; wound, 10.343; inscribe, 11.84.

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