(num. adj., superl. of prior), first in space, time, order, degree, or dignity (usually referring to three or more); first, foremost, 5.151; front, fore-, 5.566; nearest, 2.32; first part of, 1.541; edge, border, outskirt of, 9.244; chief, 9.785; earliest, first, 1.345; for the first time, 11.573; as an adv., 1.442; 6.810, et al.; in the earliest times, 1.1; prīma proelia, the beginning of battle, 12.103; subst., prīmum, ī, n., the chief concern, affair, work, 8.408; prīmī, ōrum, m., foremost, first, 2.494; prīma, ōrum, n., the first place, front, van, 10.157; first prize, 5.194; adv., prīmum, first, 2.375; ut prīmum, as soon as, 1.306; prīmō, at first, in the beginning, 4.176; in prīmīs, or imprīmīs, especially, chiefly, 1.303.

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prīmus, a, um