the head of men or animals, freq.; (by synecdoche), the person, being, life, 2.751, et al.; living body, life, 4.699; personal interest, welfare, fortune, life, 4.354; of plants, the head or flower, 9.437; of other objects, a captain, leader, chief, 11.399, et al.; author, instigator, source, cause, 11.361; chief town, capital, sovereign city, 10.203; a peak or summit, 6.360; point, end, of a bow, 11.861; of rivers, etc., fountain-head, source, spring; pl., capita, in enumerating animals, head, 3.391; in caput, headlong, 1.116; suprā caput, overhead, above, 3.194; hōc caput, this person, myself, me, 8.570.

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caput, itis, n.