raised high; high built, high, lofty, 5.489; on high, aloft, 11.837; high-born, noble, ancient, 4.230; renowned, 10.126; deep, deep or deeply, 12.357; subst., altum, ī, n., the deep; the lofty; the deep sea, the main, the deep, 1.3; the sky, heaven, air, 1.297; from far, far-fetched, remote, 8.395; pl., alta, ōrum, high places, heights of heaven, 6.787; heights, hills, 11.797; battlements, 9.169; alta petere, to aim high, 5.508; comp., altior, ius, higher, taller, 8.162; superl., altissimus, a, um, very high, 8.234. (alō, rear, cause to grow)

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altus, a, um