The Dickinson Collegium, directed by Blake Wilson (Professor of Music at Dickinson College) recorded Renaissance vocal settings of texts from Vergil's Aeneid.


Melinda Schlitt (Professor of Art History, William W. Edel Professor of Humanities at Dickinson College) worked on selection of images and essays about the artistic tradition of Vergil's Aeneid.

Caio Vieira Reis de Camargo (Sao Paulo State University, Campus of Araraquara, Brazil) created a Portuguse translation of the Greek Core Vocabulary.



Loren J. Samons, III (Professor of Classical Studies, Boston University) recorded two podcasts on Caesar's army and strategy for Caesar's Gallic War.


Bart Huelsenbeck, Assistant Professor of Classics at Ball State, wrote The Manuscript Tradition of Ovid's Amores and selected and edited images for Ovid, Amores Book 1.

Antonio Salinas (Captain, US Army), provided tactical maps for Caesar's Gallic War.