Editorial Board

The editorial board reviews submissions and vets commentaries to ensure their reliability and pedagogical usefulness. See peer review.

Executive Editors

Christopher Francese, Project Director. Asbury J. Clarke Professor of Classical Studies, Dickinson College 

Bret Mulligan, Associate Professor of Classics, Haverford College 

Eric Casey. Trinity School, New York City 

John Gruber Miller, Professor of Classics, Department of Classics and Modern Languages, Cornell College 

Ariana Traill. Associate Professor of Classics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

William Turpin. Professor of Classics, Scheuer Family Chair of Humanities, Swarthmore College 

Contributing Editors

Craige Champion, Syracuse University

Jane Crawford. Professor of Classics, University of Virginia. 

Wells Hansen, National Taiwan University; formerly of Milton Academy (1993-2012). 

Clara Hardy, Professor of Classics, David and Marian Adams Bryn-Jones Distinguished Teaching Professor of the Humanities, Carleton College

J. Bert Lott, Professor of Greek and Roman Studies, Vassar College. 

Wilfred Major, Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Louisiana State University. 

Marc Mastrangelo. Associate Professor of Classical Studies, Dickinson College. 

Stephen A. Nimis, American University in Cairo, 

Letizia Palladini, Liceo Classico "Pilo Albertelli," Rome

Meghan Reedy. Program Office, Maine Humanities Council. 

Jonathan Rockey. Latin Teacher, North Penn High School. 

Melinda Schlitt,  Professor of Art History, and William W. Edel Professor of Humanities, Dickinson College. 

Robert S. Smith. Associate Professor of Classics, University of New Hampshire.

Susan Stephens, Sara Hart Kimball Professor in the Humanities, Stanford University

Christopher Trinacty, Assistant Professor of Classics, Oberlin College. 

Stephen Trzaskoma. Associate Professor of Classics, University of New Hampshire.

Terence Tunberg. Professor of Classics, University of Kentucky, and Director of the UK Institute for Latin Studies. 

Angeliki Tzanetou. Associate Professor of Classics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.