Virgil’s Aeneid Books I-V: With Introduction, Notes, and Vocabulary

TitleVirgil’s Aeneid Books I-V: With Introduction, Notes, and Vocabulary
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1919
AuthorsFairclough HR, Brown SL
PublisherBenj. H. Sanborn
KeywordsAeneid, Vergil, Vergil Aeneid commentaries Books 1-5

Fairclough and Brown generally translate what they consider the more difficult phrases but include explanations that allow the reader to follow their translation choices; questions of grammar and syntax are explained briefly and with references to grammar school books. The commentary focuses on providing a richer understanding of the text through explanations of mythological and historical allusions, and includes a few important references to later English texts. The introduction to this commentary includes a very thoughtful discussion of what makes a good commentary, and what the goals of a commentary in relation to its reader ought to be.