adj. (super), above, upper, supreme, 3.20; of the upper world as opposed to Hades, 2.91; 10.40; superae sēdēs, the sky, Olympus, 11.532; supera, the upper world, 7.562; the sky, heaven, 6.787; subst., superī, ōrum, m., those of the upper world, the living as opposed to the dead, 6.481; the gods above, or gods of Olympus as opposed to the infernal gods, 1.4; superl., suprēmus, a, um, the highest; most exalted, 10.350; illustrious, 7.220; extreme, 3.590; last, final, 2.11; subst., suprēmum, ī, n., the end, 12.803; pl., suprēma, ōrum, the last honors, rites, 6.213; (adv.), suprēmum, for the last time, 3.68; superl., summus, a, um, the uppermost, topmost, highest, 2.463; situated on a height; high, 2.166; the highest part of, summit of, top of, 2.302, et al.; surface of, 5.819, et al.; main, chief, 1.342; utmost, greatest, 5.197; supreme, 1.665; most important, 9.227; latest, last, 2.324, et al.; summa rēs, the chief or common interest, common weal, 11.302; the chief conflict, 2.322; subst., summum, ī, n., the top.

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superus, a, um
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