to give, freq.; grant, 1.79; bestow, 12.394; offer, 8.106; show, betray, 12.69; present, make, render, effect, 9.323; consign, throw, cast, 2.566; yield, resign, 11.162; supply, 2.391; bring, 4.683; give forth, spread, 12.301; make, 11.385; form, 12.575; direct, 3.337; establish, ordain, 12.192; unfurl, 1.35; often w. infin. as object acc., 5.538; sē dare, to intrust one’s self, venture upon, 9.56; to be given or afforded, 4.627; dare dēfēnsum, to defend completely, 12.437; dare poenās, to suffer punishment. Dare, w. a substantive following, may often be translated by the verb kindred with the latter; as, dare complexūs, to embrace, 1.687; dare partū, to bring forth, bear, 1.274.

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dō, dedī, datus, dare, a.
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