Vergil, Aeneid X 260-275

Iamque in conspectu Teucros habet et sua castra260

stans celsa in puppi, clipeum cum deinde sinistra

extulit ardentem. clamorem ad sidera tollunt

Dardanidae e muris, spes addita suscitat iras,

tela manu iaciunt, quales sub nubibus atris

Strymoniae dant signa grues atque aethera tranant265

cum sonitu, fugiuntque Notos clamore secundo.

at Rutulo regi ducibusque ea mira uideri

Ausoniis, donec uersas ad litora puppis

respiciunt totumque adlabi classibus aequor.

ardet apex capiti cristisque a uertice flamma270

funditur et uastos umbo uomit aureus ignis:

non secus ac liquida si quando nocte cometae

sanguinei lugubre rubent, aut Sirius ardor

ille sitim morbosque ferens mortalibus aegris

nascitur et laeuo contristat lumine caelum.275


cōnspectus, ūs, m.: a seeing or viewing; view, sight, 1.34; presence, 6.108; mediō in cōnspectū, in the midst of the gazing assembly. (cōnspiciō)

Teucrī, ōrum, m.: the Trojans, descendants of Teucer, 1.38, et al.; adj., Teucrian, Trojan, 9.779, et al. (Teucer)

celsus, a, um: adj. (cellō, rise), high, lofty, 1.56, et al.

puppis, is, f.: the hinder part of a ship; the stern, 5.12; (by synecdoche), a vessel, boat, ship, 1.69; (meton.), crew, 8.497.

clipeus, ī, m., and clipeum, ī, n.: a round shield; a shield, 2.227, et al.

sinistra, ae, f. (sc. manus): the left hand, 2.443, et al.

efferō, extulī, ēlātus, ferre, irreg. a.: to bear, or bring out or forth, 2.297; bear away, rescue, 3.150; raise, elevate, lift up or high, 1.127; elate, puff up, 11.715; efferre gressum or pedem, walk, go, come forth, 2.753; efferre sē, arise, 3.215. (ex and ferō)

ārdēns, entis: burning, hot, sparkling, flaming, 5.637; bright, 4.482; impassioned, ardent, eager, 1.423; spirited, fiery, 1.472; glowing, lofty, 6.130; fierce, furious, 2.529; angry, 6.467. (ardeo)

Dardanidēs, ae, m.: a son or descendant of Dardanus; Aeneas, 10.545; pl., Dardanidae, ārum (um), the Trojans, 1.560, et al.; adj., Dardanian, Trojan, 2.59.

suscitō, āvī, ātus, 1, a.: to stir up, turn up; to rekindle, 5.743; rouse, incite, 2.618; call forth, 8.455.

manus, ūs, f.: the hand, 1.487; freq.; (meton.), action, movement of the hand; work, art, handiwork, 3.486; prowess, heroic deed, action, 2.434; force, violence, 2.645; a collection of persons; a band, crew, troop; an army, 2.29; forces, 5.623; multitude, 6.660; pl., manūs, workmen, 11.329; dare manūs, to yield, 11.558; extrēma manus, the finishing hand or touch, 7.572.

nūbēs, is, f.: a cloud, 1.516, et al.; storm, 10.809; the air, 12.856; (fig.), flock, multitude, 7.705.

āter, tra, trum: (adj.), black; dark, gloomy, 1.60, et al.; smoky, lurid, 7.456; 4.384; clotted, dark, 3.622; soiled, blackened, 2.272; (fig.), sad, fatal, 6.429; venomous, deadly; of the odor of smoke, 12.591.

Strӯmonius, a, um: adj. (Strӯmon, a river of Thrace), Strymonian, Thracian, 10.265.

grus, gruis, f.: a crane.

trānō, āvī, ātus, 1, a. and n.: to swim or sail across, 6.671; fly across or through, 4.245. (trāns and nō)

sonitus, ūs, m.: a sounding; noise, 2.732, et al.; roaring, 2.209; thunder, 6.586. (sonō)

Notus, ī, m.: identical in meaning with auster; the south-wind, 1.85; wind, 6.355; storm, 1.575.

Rutulus, ī, m.: a Rutulian; Turnus, 7.409; for the pl., the Rutulians, 8.474.

mīrus, a, um: adj. (mīror), wonderful, wondrous, marvelous, 9.304; strange, 1.354; extraordinary, great, 7.57.

Ausonius, a, um: adj. (Auson), Ausonian; Italian, 4.349; subst., Ausoniī, ōrum, m., the Ausonians; Italians, 11.253.

adlābor, lāpsus sum, 3, dep. n.: to glide to; (with dat., rarely acc.), sail to, reach, 3.569; advance, glide (with abl. of manner), 10.269; fly to, 9.474; descend, fall upon, 12.319.

apex, icis, m.: the point of anything; peak, top, summit, 4.246; pointed flame, 2.683; cone of a helmet, 10.270; a peaked cap, 8.664.

crista, ae, f.: a crest, plume, 3.468; helmet, 7.185.

vertex, icis, m.: a whirl; whirlpool, 7.567; vortex, 1.117; whirling column of flame, 12.673; the top, crown of the head, the head, 1.403; summit, top, 1.163; mountain summit, height, 3.679; ā vertice, from on high, from above, 1.114. (vertō)

vāstus, a, um: (adj.), empty, void, wild, waste, 9.323; vast, unbounded, 1.118; huge, enormous, immense, 3.647; deep-, vast-, sounding, 1.245.

umbō, ōnis, m.: the boss of a shield, 2.546; a shield, 7.633.

vomō, uī, itus, 3, a.: to vomit; belch, vomit forth, 5.682.

secus: following, late; otherwise, differently; nōn or haud secus, not otherwise, not less; likewise, even so, 2.382, et al.; none the less, nevertheless, 5.862; haud secus ac, nor otherwise than, just as. (comp. adv.), sētius, less, the less; haud sētius, not the less, 7.781.

atque, or ac: (conj.), and in addition, or and besides; and, as well, and indeed, and, 1.575; freq.; even, 2.626; in comparisons, as, 4.90; than, 3.561.

liquidus, a, um: adj. (liqueō), flowing, liquid, fluid, 5.217, et al.; clear, serene, 6.202.

comētēs (comēta), ae, m.: a comet, 10.273.

sanguineus, a, um: adj. (sanguis), of blood; bloodshot, 4.643; of bloody color or aspect, bloody, 2.207; fiery, bloody, 10.273; ruddy, burnished, 8.622; bloodthirsty, 12.332.

lūgubrē: (adv.), mournful, mournfully, dismally, ominously, 10.273. (lūgubris,(adj.), mournful)

rubeō, rubuī, 2, n.: to be red, blush; glow, redden, 12.77.

Sīrius, a, um: adj. (Sīrius), of the dog-star; Sirian, 10.273.

ārdor, ōris, m.: a burning; fire, flame, 11.786; heat, drought; ardor, zeal, fervor, 4.581. (ārdeō)

sitis, is, f.: thirst; dryness, drought, 4.42.

laevus, a, um: (adj.), the left, 10.495; (situated) on the left, 3.412; the left, 3.420; (fig.), ill-starred, unpropitious, baleful, 10.275; infatuated, blind, 2.54.

contrīstō, āvī, ātus, 1, a.: to make sad, sadden, overcast, render baneful or adverse; sadden, 10.275. (com- and trīstis)

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