Vergil, Aeneid XI 182-202

Aurora interea miseris mortalibus almam

extulerat lucem referens opera atque labores:

iam pater Aeneas, iam curuo in litore Tarchon

constituere pyras. huc corpora quisque suorum185

more tulere patrum, subiectisque ignibus atris

conditur in tenebras altum caligine caelum.

ter circum accensos cincti fulgentibus armis

decurrere rogos, ter maestum funeris ignem

lustrauere in equis ululatusque ore dedere.190

spargitur et tellus lacrimis, sparguntur et arma,

it caelo clamorque uirum clangorque tubarum.

hic alii spolia occisis derepta Latinis

coniciunt igni, galeas ensisque decoros

frenaque feruentisque rotas; pars munera nota,195

ipsorum clipeos et non felicia tela.

multa boum circa mactantur corpora Morti,

saetigerosque sues raptasque ex omnibus agris

in flammam iugulant pecudes. tum litore toto

ardentis spectant socios semustaque seruant200

busta, neque auelli possunt, nox umida donec

inuertit caelum stellis ardentibus aptum.


aurōra, ae, f.: the dawn, morning, 3.521; personified, Aurora, the goddess of the dawn, who precedes the horses of the sun-god, 4.585; the east, 8.686; the sun, 6.535.

intereā: (adv.), amid these things; meanwhile, in the meantime, 1.418, et al.

almus, a, um: adj. (alō), giving nourishment; fostering, genial, blessing, blessed, benign, 1.306; fruitful; gracious, kind, kindly, propitious, 7.774.

extollō, 3, a.: to lift up; (fig.), laud, extol, 11.401.

Aenēās, ae, m.: 1. A Trojan chief, son of Venus and Anchises, and hero of the Aeneid, 1.92. 2. Aenēās Silvius, one of the Alban kings, 6.769.

curvus, a, um: (adj.), curved, bent, bending, 2.51; winding, 2.748; crooked.

Tarchō, ōnis or ontis, m.: an Etrurian prince, ally of Aeneas, 11.727, et al.

pyra, ae, f.: a funeral pile, pyre, 4.494.

subiciō, iēcī, iectus, 3, a.: to cast, throw, place or put under, 2.236; (fig.), to excite, kindle, 12.66; to subjoin, utter in reply, answer, 3.314; p., subiectus, a, um, cast under, put under, 6.223; situated under, bowed, bending, 2.721; put down, subdued, conquered, 6.853. (sub and iaciō)

āter, tra, trum: (adj.), black; dark, gloomy, 1.60, et al.; smoky, lurid, 7.456; 4.384; clotted, dark, 3.622; soiled, blackened, 2.272; (fig.), sad, fatal, 6.429; venomous, deadly; of the odor of smoke, 12.591.

cālīgō, inis, f.: mist, fog, 3.203; misty, obscurity; darkness, dimness, obscurity, 6.267; smoke, 11.187; cloud of dust, 9.36; blinding dust, 12.466.

ter: (num. adv.), thrice, three times, 1.94, et al. (trēs)

circum: (adv.), about, around; (prep. with acc.), around, about.

accendō, ī, cēnsus, 3, a.: to set fire to, light up, enkindle, 5.4; enrage, exasperate, incense, 1.29; incite, rouse, 4.232. (ad and candō, rel. to candeō)

fulgēns, entis: gleaming, flashing, 2.749; glowing, bright, 9.614. (fulgeō)

dēcurrō, cucurrī or currī, cursus, 3, n. and a.: to run down, hasten down, 2.41; descend, 5.610; run completely round, 11.189; sail over, sweep over, 5.212.

rogus, ī, m.: a funeral pile, 4.640.

lūstrō, āvī, ātus, 1, a.: to purify by atonement, 3.279; go round the fields with the victims; hence to bless, ask for a blessing on; go or dance around an altar or the image of a god, 7.391; traverse, pass across, around, or over, 1.608; pass in review, parade before, 5.578; run through, 2.528; search, 1.577; observe, survey, 1.453; watch, mark, 11.763; of the sun, illuminate, 4.607. (lūstrum)

ululātus, ūs, m.: a yelling, howling, 7.395; wailing, shrieking, 4.667. (ululō)

spargō, sparsī, sparsus, 3, a.: to scatter, strew; cast in fragments, 3.605; disperse, 1.602; shower, hurl, 12.51; sprinkle, 4.512; besprinkle, bedew, stain, 8.645; infuse, 4.486; (fig.), spread abroad, disseminate, 2.98; bring over or upon, diffuse, 7.754.

clangor, ōris, m.: a clashing sound; braying, din, blast, 2.313; rushing sound, flapping, 3.226. (clangō, resound)

tuba, ae, f.: a trumpet, 2.313, et al.; trumpet-signal, 11.424.

spolium, I, n.: that which is taken from the body of a slain man or beast; spoil, trophy, 1.289; spolia opīma, the arms or spoils taken by a victorious general from the body of a hostile commander slain in battle, 6.855.

dēripiō, ripuī, reptus, 3, a.: to tear away; cast off; loosen, 3.267; haul down, launch, 4.593; cut off, 10.414. (dē and rapiō)

Latīnī, ōrum, m.: the people of Latium; the Latins, 12.823, et al.

coniciō, iēcī, iectus, 3, a.: to throw together; pile up, 5.662; throw, cast, hurl, 2.545; turn, 12.483. (com- and iaciō)

galea, ae, f.: a helmet, either of leather or of metal, 3.468, et al.

ēnsis, is, m.: a sword, 2.393, et al.; knife, 2.155.

decōrus, a, um: adj. (decor), fit, proper, becoming, 5.343; graceful, beautiful, 1.589; adorned, 5.133; shining, 11.194.

frēnum, ī, n.; in the pl. sometimes frēnī, ōrum: a bit, 4.135; bridle, reins, 3.542; (fig.), 6.100.

ferveō, ferbuī, 2, n., and fervō, fervī, 3, n.: to boil; (fig.), to blaze, be bright, 4.567; flash, 8.677; glow, 11.195; stir, be alive, teeming, 4.407; move, speed on, 1.436; rage, 9.693.

rota, ae, f.: a wheel, 1.147; (fig.), circle or orbit of time, 6.748.

clipeus, ī, m., and clipeum, ī, n.: a round shield; a shield, 2.227, et al.

māctō, āvī, ātus, 1, a.: to magnify by worship; to sacrifice, immolate, 2.202; slay, slaughter, 8.294, et al.

saetiger, era, erum: adj. (saeta and gerō), bristle-bearing, bristly, 7.17.

sūs, suis, c.: a hog, swine, 1.635; sow, 3.390.

iugulō, āvī, ātus, 1, a.: to cut the throat; slay, slaughter, 11.199; immolate, 12.214. (iugulum)

pecus, udis, f.: one animal of a flock or herd; an animal, 1.743; a sheep, 3.120; victim for sacrifices, 4.63.

sēmustus, a, um: adj. (sēmi- and ūrō), half burned, half consumed, 3.578.

būstum, ī, n.: the mound where the dead have been burned; funeral pile, 11.201; tomb, 12.863. (cf. combūrō)

āvellō, vellī or vulsī, vulsus, 3, a.: to pluck, or tear off, or away from, with acc. and abl., take away, steal, 2.165; to force away, 11.201; p., avulsus, a, um, torn from, 2.608; torn, rent, 3.575.

possum, potuī, posse, irreg. n.: to be able; can, 1.242, et al.; to avail, have influence, power, 4.382. (potis and sum)

ūmidus, a, um: adj. (ūmeō), moist, wet, damp, dewy, 2.8, et al.; liquid, 4.486.

invertō, vertī, versus, 3, a.: to turn over; invert, change, 11.202.

ārdēns, entis: burning, hot, sparkling, flaming, 5.637; bright, 4.482; impassioned, ardent, eager, 1.423; spirited, fiery, 1.472; glowing, lofty, 6.130; fierce, furious, 2.529; angry, 6.467. (ardeo)

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