ὀξύς ὀξεῖα ὀξύsharp, keen, shrill, pungentadjective: -ύς, -εῖα, -ύCharacteristics351
ἡδύς ἡδεῖα ἡδύsweet, pleasantadjective: -ύς, -εῖα, -ύCharacteristics337
βραχύς βραχεῖα βραχύbrief, shortadjective: -ύς, -εῖα, -ύCharacteristics332
βαρύς βαρεῖα βαρύheavy, grievous, tiresomeadjective: -ύς, -εῖα, -ύCharacteristics465
εὐθύς εὐθεῖα εὐθύstraight, direct; (adv.) immediatelyadjective: -ύς, -εῖα, -ύMeasurements and Numerals223
ταχύς ταχεῖα ταχύquick, fast; (adv.) τάχα quickly; perhapsadjective: -ύς, -εῖα, -ύCharacteristics225
ὑμέτερος ὑμετέρα ὑμέτερονyour, yours (pl.; σός = sg.)adjective: 1st and 2nd declensionPronouns/Interrogatives206
ἄλλος ἄλλη ἄλλοother, anotheradjective: 1st and 2nd declensionPronouns/Interrogatives39
μέγας μεγάλη μέγαbig, great, powerfuladjective: 1st and 2nd declensionMeasurements and Numerals52
δίκαιος δικαία δίκαιονright, justadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionLaw and Judgment180
ἐμός ἐμή ἐμόνmy, mineadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionPronouns/Interrogatives103
ποῖος ποία ποῖονwhat sort of?adjective: 1st and 2nd declensionPronouns/Interrogatives419
ἴσος ἴση ἴσονequal, the same as (+dat.)adjective: 1st and 2nd declensionMeasurements and Numerals107
οἰκεῖος οἰκεία οἰκεῖονdomestic, of the house; one’s own; fitting, suitableadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionFamily and Friendship and the Home238
λαμπρός –ά –όνbright, brilliant; well-known, illustriousadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionCharacteristics474
ῥᾴδιος ῥᾳδία ῥᾴδιονeasyadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionCharacteristics309
ἄδικος ἄδικονunjustadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionEthics and Morals489
δῆλος δήλη δῆλονvisible, clear, manifestadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionShowing and Finding244
πολέμιος πολεμία πολέμιονhostile; οἱ πολέμιοι the enemyadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionWar and Peace246
βάρβαρος –ονnon-Greek, foreign; barbarousadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionGovernment and Society412
ἄξιος ἀξία ἄξιονworthy, deservingadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionEthics and Morals242
πλεῖστος πλείστη πλεῖστονmost, greatest, largest (superl. of πολύς)adjective: 1st and 2nd declensionMeasurements and Numerals195
φίλος φίλη φίλονbeloved, dear; friendlyadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionFamily and Friendship and the Home153
μυρίος μυρία μυρίονcountless; μύριοι 10,000; μυριάς -άδος ἡ 10,000, a countless amountadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionMeasurements and Numerals491
σύμμαχος –ονallied with (+dat.); οἱ σύμμαχοι alliesadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionWar and Peace463
πονηρός –ά –όνworthless, bad, wickedadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionCharacteristics410
πρότερος προτέρα πρότερονbefore, earlier; τὸ πρότερον previously, beforeadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionTime48
ὅμοιος ὁμοία ὅμοιονlike, resembling (+dat.)adjective: 1st and 2nd declensionCharacteristics92
ὅσος ὅση ὅσονhowever much; as great as; (in pl.) as many as; ὅσον (adv.) as much asadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionPronouns/Interrogatives76
κοινός –ή –όνcommon, shared, mutualadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionGovernment and Society170
ἐχθρός –ά –όνhated, hateful; hostile to (+dat.)adjective: 1st and 2nd declensionCharacteristics398
ἱκανός –ή –όνsufficient, enough; competent, able to (+infin.)adjective: 1st and 2nd declensionHelp and Safety321
ἀγαθός –ή –όνgood, virtuous, brave, nobleadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionEthics and Morals58
ὀλίγος ὀλίγη ὀλίγονlittle, small, fewadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionMeasurements and Numerals168
αὐτός αὐτή αὐτόhim- her- itself etc. (for emphasis); the same (with article); (pron.) him, her, it etc. (in oblique cases)adjective: 1st and 2nd declensionPronouns/Interrogatives2
καλός –ή –όνbeautiful, noble, honorableadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionCharacteristics96
παλαιός –ά –όνold, ancientadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionCharacteristics340
ἴδιος ἰδία ἴδιονone’s own; peculiar, separate, distinctadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionPronouns/Interrogatives141
ἐλεύθερος ἐλευθέρα ἐλεύθερονfree, independentadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionGovernment and Society496
μικρός –ά –όνsmall, little, shortadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionMeasurements and Numerals84
δεινός –ή –όνawesome, terrible; clever, clever at (+infin.)adjective: 1st and 2nd declensionCharacteristics296
χρήσιμος χρησίμη χρήσιμονuseful, serviceableadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionCharacteristics418
σός σή σόνyour, yours (sg.; ὑμέτερος = pl.)adjective: 1st and 2nd declensionPronouns/Interrogatives142
ἱερός –ά –όνholy, venerated, divineadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionReligion222
τοσοῦτος –αύτη –οῦτο(ν)so large, so muchadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionMeasurements and Numerals176
ἄριστος ἀρίστη ἄριστονbest, noblest (superl. of ἀγαθός)adjective: 1st and 2nd declensionEthics and Morals308
ὅλος ὅλη ὅλονwhole, entire, completeadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionMeasurements and Numerals100
ὕστερος ὑστέρα ὕστερονcoming after, following (+gen.); next, later; (adv.) ὕστερον afterwardsadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionDirection229
λοιπός –ή –όνrest, remaining, rest-of-theadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionMeasurements and Numerals183
κακός –ή –όνbad, wicked, cowardlyadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionCharacteristics73
αἴτιος αἰτία αἴτιονresponsible, guiltyadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionLaw and Judgment119
ἡμέτερος ἡμετέρα ἡμέτρονouradjective: 1st and 2nd declensionPronouns/Interrogatives456
αἰσχρός –ά –όνugly, shameful, disgracefuladjective: 1st and 2nd declensionCharacteristics467
μέσος μέση μέσονmiddle, in the middle, moderate; τὸ μέσον midstadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionMeasurements and Numerals150
δυνατός –ή –όνstrong, powerful, ableadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionCharacteristics306
χαλεπός –ή –όνdifficult, troublesomeadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionCharacteristics379
οἷος οἵα οἷονsuch as, of what sort, like, (exclam.) what a!, how! ; οἷός τε (+infin.) fit or able to; οἷόν τε (+infin.) it is possible toadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionPronouns/Interrogatives69
ἀδύνατος –ονimpossible; powerlessadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionGovernment and Society325
σοφός –ή –όνwise, clever, skilledadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionCharacteristics345
ὀρθός –ή –όνupright, straight, true, regularadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionMeasurements and Numerals213
τοιοῦτος τοιαύτη τοιοῦτοsuch, of such a sortadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionPronouns/Interrogatives55
μακρός –ά –όνlong, tall, large, long-lastingadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionMeasurements and Numerals292
ἰσχυρός –ά –όνstrongadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionCharacteristics333
ἕτερος ἑτέρα ἕτερονthe other (of two); other, anotheradjective: 1st and 2nd declensionPronouns/Interrogatives72
ἀμφότερος ἀμφοτέρα ἀμφότερονbothadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionMeasurements and Numerals233
μόνος μόνη μόνονalone, singleadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionMeasurements and Numerals67
θεῖος θεία θεῖονdivineadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionReligion434
νέος νέα νέονyoung, new, freshadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionCharacteristics269
πότερος ποτέρα πότερονwhich of the two? πότερον whetheradjective: 1st and 2nd declensionPronouns/Interrogatives393
φανερός –ά –όνclear, evidentadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionThe Senses and Feelings312
πρῶτος πρώτη πρῶτονfirst, foremost, earliest; (adv.) τὸ πρῶτον in the first placeadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionMeasurements and Numerals135
χαλκοῦς –ῆ –οῦνof copper or bronzeadjective: 1st and 2nd declensionEarth510
τοιόσδε τοιάδε τοιόνδεsuch (as this), of such a sort (as this)adjective: 1st and 2nd declensionPronouns/Interrogatives449
ἀκριβής –έςexact, accurate, preciseadjective: 3rd declension -ης, -εςMeasurements and Numerals326
ἀληθής –έςtrue adjective: 3rd declension -ης, -εςEthics and Morals179
σαφής σαφέςclear, distinct, plainadjective: 3rd declension -ης, -εςShowing and Finding344
ἥσσων ἧσσονless, weaker (comp. of κακός or μικρός)adjective: 3rd declension -ων, -ονCharacteristics302
κρείσσων κρεῖσσονstronger, mightier; better, more excellent (comp. of ἀγαθός)adjective: 3rd declension -ων, -ονCharacteristics331
χείρων χεῖρονworse, inferior (comp. of κακός)adjective: 3rd declension -ων, -ονEthics and Morals472
πλέων πλέονmore, larger (comp. of πολύς)adjective: 3rd declension -ων, -ονMeasurements and Numerals354
ἐλάσσων ἔλασσονsmaller, less, fewer (comp. of μικρός)adjective: 3rd declension -ων, -ονMeasurements and Numerals220
ἀμείνων ἄμεινονbetter, abler, stronger, braver (comp. of ἀγαθός)adjective: 3rd declension -ων, -ονEthics and Morals471
βελτίων βέλτιονbetter (comp. of ἀγαθός)adjective: 3rd declension -ων, -ονEthics and Morals425
δεύτερος –α –ονsecondadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals186
ἐννέαnineadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals518
δέκατος –η –ονtenthadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals493
εἷς μία ἕνoneadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals62
τρεῖς τρίαthreeadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals198
τέτταρες τέτταραfouradjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals305
ἑκατόνhundredadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals500
δέκαtenadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals470
εἰκοστός –ή –όνtwentiethadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals522
πέντεfiveadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals429
τριάκονταthirtyadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals506
εἴκοσι(ν)twentyadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals490
τριακοστός –ή –όνthirtiethadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals517
ἕβδομος –η –ονseventhadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals511
ἕξsixadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals507
τέταρτος –η –ονfourthadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals396
ἑκατοστός –ή –όνhundredthadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals524
ὄγδοος –η –ονeighthadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals520
ἑπτάsevenadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals485
ἕκτος –η –ονsixthadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals516
τρίτος –η –ονthirdadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals211
ὀκτώeightadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals515
ἔνατος –α –ονninthadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals521
δύοtwoadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals105
πεμπτός –ή –όνfifthadjective: numeralMeasurements and Numerals508
εἶταthen, nextadverbConjunctions/Adverbs178
τότεthen, at that time; οἱ τότε the men of that time (opp. οἱ νῦν)adverbTime157
πάντωςaltogether, in all ways; at any rateadverbConjunctions/Adverbs426
ποτε (enclitic)at some time, ever, in the worldadverbTime125
δήsurely, really, now, in fact, indeed (gives greater exactness)adverbParticles60
οὐ, οὐκ, οὐχnot (with indicative verbs)adverbConjunctions/Adverbs14
ἁπλῶςsimply, singly, in one wayadverbMeasurements and Numerals394
ὧδεthus, in this way; hither, hereadverbDirection466
ἴσωςequally, probably, perhapsadverbConjunctions/Adverbs388
αὖ, αὖθιςmoreover; on the other hand; back (again)adverbParticles349
οὕτωςin this wayadverbConjunctions/Adverbs47
ἄραtherefore, then (drawing an inference)adverbParticles102
ἔξωoutside; exceptadverbDirection371
μάλαvery, very muchadverbConjunctions/Adverbs477
χωρίςseparately, apart; (+gen.) without, separate fromadverbDirection330
ἤδηalready, now (of the immediate past); presently (of the immediate future)adverbTime129
αὐτίκαat once, immediatelyadverbTime492
ἔπειταthen, nextadverbTime255
γε(enclitic) indeed; at least, at any rateadverbParticles59
οὐκέτιno longer, no moreadverbTime362
τοίνυν (τοί-νυν)therefore, accordingly (inferential); further, moreover (transitional)adverbParticles245
που(enclitic) somewhere; I suppose, perhaps (to qualify an assertion)adverbParticles327
πλέονmore, ratheradverbMeasurements and Numerals353
μέντοιhowever; of courseadverbParticles204
ἐνταῦθαhere, thereadverbDirection260
περ[enclitic added to pronouns and other particles for emphasis]adverbParticles495
πάλινback, backwards; againadverbDirection120
ὅμωςnevertheless, all the same, notwithstandingadverbConjunctions/Adverbs433
ὅθενfrom where, whenceadverbDirection328
οὖνtherefore, accordingly; at any rateadverbParticles44
ἆρα[introduces a question]adverbParticles480
ἅμαat the same time; (prep.) together with (+dat.)adverbTime146
truly (emphasizes what follows)adverbParticles243
πως(enclitic) somehow, in some way, in any wayadverbParticles403
μᾶλλονmore, rather; μᾶλλον...ἤ rather thanadverbConjunctions/Adverbs98
καίτοι (καί-τοι)and indeed, and yetadverbParticles352
μήν[emphasizes preceding particle]adverbParticles158
ἔτιstill, yetadverbTime82
ναίindeed, yes (used in strong affirmation)adverbParticles513
οὐκοῦνsurely then (inviting assent to an inference)adverbParticles483
νῦν, νυνίnowadverbTime93
πάνυaltogether, entirelyadverbConjunctions/Adverbs288
ἄν[marks verbs as potential (with optative), or generalizing (with subjunctive)]adverbParticles34
εὖwell (opp. κακῶς); thoroughly, competently; happily, fortunatelyadverbConjunctions/Adverbs289
ἄνωup, upwardsadverbDirection316
μάλισταmost, most of all; (in replies) certainlyadverbConjunctions/Adverbs121
μήτε...μήτεneither...norconjunction: coordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs149
οὐδέand not, but not, nor; οὐδέ...οὐδέ not even...nor yetconjunction: coordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs53
ἀλλάbutconjunction: coordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs26
or; than (after a comparative); ἤ...ἤ either...orconjunction: coordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs8
μηδέand notconjunction: coordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs167
εἴτε…εἴτεwhether…orconjunction: coordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs250
δέand; butconjunction: coordinatingParticles4
καίand, also, even; καί...καί both...andconjunction: coordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs3
οὔτε...οὔτεneither...norconjunction: coordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs68
γάρfor (explanatory), indeed, in fact (confirming)conjunction: coordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs13
τεand; τε…τε both…andconjunction: coordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs17
μέν...δέon the one hand...on the other hand (often untranslated); μέν (by itself) indeedconjunction: coordinatingParticles10
μέχρι (+gen.)until; (prep.) as far as, up to (+gen.)conjunction: subordinatingTime216
ὅταν (ὅτε-ἄν)whenever (+subj.)conjunction: subordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs108
πρίνbefore, untilconjunction: subordinatingTime359
ὅπωςhow, as; so that, in order that (+subj. or opt.)conjunction: subordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs197
ὥσπερjust as, as ifconjunction: subordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs80
ὅτιbecause, that; (with superl.) as...as possibleconjunction: subordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs37
μήnot (marks the negative as subjective or conditional); εἰ μή if not, exceptconjunction: subordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs32
ὅπουwhere, whereverconjunction: subordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs413
ὥστε(introducing natural or actual result clause) so as, so that, (with the result) thatconjunction: subordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs86
ἵναin order that (conj. +subj. or opt.); where (rel. adv. +indic.)conjunction: subordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs126
κἄν (καὶ-ἄν)even if (+subj.)conjunction: subordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs271
ὡςas, since; (introducing purpose clause) so that (+subj./opt.); (introducing indir. statement) thatconjunction: subordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs16
ἕωςuntil; while, so long asconjunction: subordinatingTime268
ὅτεwhen, whenever (+indic. or opt.)conjunction: subordinatingTime185
ἐάν (εἰ-ἄν)if (+subj.)conjunction: subordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs24
ἐπείafter, since, whenconjunction: subordinatingTime75
εἰif (+indic. or opt.); εἴπερ if indeedconjunction: subordinatingConjunctions/Adverbs38
ὁ ἡ τόthedefinite articlePronouns/Interrogatives1
oh! (unemphatic when with the vocative)interjectionParticles112
τέχνη τέχνης, ἡart, skill, craftnoun: 1st declensionGovernment and Society273
τύχη τύχης, ἡluck, fortune (good or bad), fate, chancenoun: 1st declensionLife and Death311
δίκη δίκης, ἡjustice, lawsuit, trial, penaltynoun: 1st declensionLaw and Judgment335
πολιτεία –ας, ἡconstitution, citizenship, republicnoun: 1st declensionGovernment and Society446
συμφορά –ᾶς, ἡevent, circumstance, misfortunenoun: 1st declensionLife and Death499
γλῶσσα γλώσσης, ἡtongue; languagenoun: 1st declensionBody Parts484
οὐσία οὐσίας, ἡsubstance, property; essencenoun: 1st declensionFamily and Friendship and the Home227
ψυχή ψυχῆς, ἡbreath, life, soulnoun: 1st declensionHumanity and Being117
ἡμέρα ἡμέρας, ἡdaynoun: 1st declensionWorld Order89
σωτηρία σωτηρίας, ἡsafety, deliverancenoun: 1st declensionHelp and Safety479
ἡδονή –ῆς, ἡpleasure, enjoymentnoun: 1st declensionWork and Leisure294
γνώμη γνώμης, ἡthought, intelligence, opinion, purposenoun: 1st declensionThe Mind, Perceiving and Learning355
αἰτία αἰτίας, ἡcause, origin; charge, accusationnoun: 1st declensionLaw and Judgment192
μάχη μάχης, ἡbattlenoun: 1st declensionWar and Peace323
τροφή τροφῆς, ἡnourishment, foodnoun: 1st declensionLife and Death258
ἐπιστήμη –ης, ἡknowledge, understanding, skillnoun: 1st declensionThe Mind, Perceiving and Learning374
ἀνάγκη ἀνάγκης, ἡnecessitynoun: 1st declensionWorld Order184
εἰρήνη εἰρήνης, ἡpeacenoun: 1st declensionWar and Peace468
γραφή γραφῆς, ἡa drawing, painting, writing; indictmentnoun: 1st declensionWriting and Talking440
δεσπότης –ου, ὁmaster (of the household); absolute rulernoun: 1st declensionGovernment and Society487
γῆ γῆς, ἡearthnoun: 1st declensionEarth94
θάλασσα θαλάσσης, ἡthe seanoun: 1st declensionEarth214
οἰκία οἰκίας, ἡbuilding, house, dwellingnoun: 1st declensionFamily and Friendship and the Home369
φωνή φωνῆς, ἡsound, voicenoun: 1st declensionThe Senses and Feelings277
κεφαλή –ῆς, ἡheadnoun: 1st declensionBody Parts218
στρατιά –ᾶς, ἡarmynoun: 1st declensionWar and Peace497
βουλή βουλῆς, ἡwill, determination; counsel, piece of advice; council of eldersnoun: 1st declensionGovernment and Society438
χώρα χώρας, ἡland; placenoun: 1st declensionEarth188
ἀρετή ἀρετῆς, ἡgoodness, excellence; virtue; valor, braverynoun: 1st declensionEthics and Morals206
διαφορά –ᾶς, ἡdifference, disagreementnoun: 1st declensionLaw and Judgment297
τιμή τιμῆς, ἡhonor, esteem; price, value; office, magistracynoun: 1st declensionEthics and Morals356
νίκη νίκης, ἡvictorynoun: 1st declensionWar and Peace501
ἀρχή ἀρχῆς, ἡbeginning, origin; rule, empire, realm; magistracynoun: 1st declensionTime87
δόξα δόξης, ἡopinion, judgment; reputation, honor, glorynoun: 1st declensionEthics and Morals217
ἀλήθεια ἀληθείας, ἡtruthnoun: 1st declensionEthics and Morals334
θεός θεοῦ, ὁ/ἡgod, goddessnoun: 2nd declensionReligion49
ἄνθρωπος –ου, ὁ/ἡhuman beingnoun: 2nd declensionHumanity and Being65
υἱός υἱοῦ, ὁsonnoun: 2nd declensionFamily and Friendship and the Home139
λαός λαοῦ, ὁthe people, folknoun: 2nd declensionHumanity and Being367
νόμος νόμου, ὁcustom, tradition, lawnoun: 2nd declensionLaw and Judgment169
πόλεμος πολέμου ὁwarnoun: 2nd declensionWar and Peace187
πρόσωπον προσώπου, τόface, mask, personnoun: 2nd declensionBody Parts313
ἥλιος ἡλίου, ὁsunnoun: 2nd declensionWorld Order191
θάνατος θανάτου, ὁdeathnoun: 2nd declensionLife and Death280
θυμός θυμοῦ, ὁlife, spirit; soul, heart, mindnoun: 2nd declensionReligion443
ζῷον ζῴου, τόliving being, animalnoun: 2nd declensionAnimals and Plants161
στάδιον σταδίου, τό (pl. στάδια and στάδιοι)stadion or stade, the longest Greek unit of linear measure, about 185 metersnoun: 2nd declensionMeasurements and Numerals447
ἀδελφός –οῦ, ὁbrothernoun: 2nd declensionFamily and Friendship and the Home248
καιρός καιροῦ, ὁthe right timenoun: 2nd declensionTime231
νῆσος νήσου, ἡislandnoun: 2nd declensionEarth372
ἀργύριον ἀργυρίου, τόmoneynoun: 2nd declensionGovernment and Society505
τόπος τόπου, ὁplace; topicnoun: 2nd declensionEarth133
κύριος κυρίου, ὁlord, masternoun: 2nd declensionGovernment and Society97
σημεῖον σημείου, τόsign, signal, marknoun: 2nd declensionShowing and Finding234
δοῦλος δούλου, ὁslavenoun: 2nd declensionGovernment and Society416
ἵππος ἵππου, ὁhorsenoun: 2nd declensionAnimals and Plants262
ἀριθμός –οῦ, ὁnumbernoun: 2nd declensionMeasurements and Numerals228
στρατιώτης –ου, ὁsoldiernoun: 2nd declensionWar and Peace391
κύκλος κύκλου, ὁcircle, ring, orb, disc, circular motionnoun: 2nd declensionMeasurements and Numerals201
λίθος λίθου, ὁstonenoun: 2nd declensionEarth339
δῆμος δήμου, ὁ the (common) people; country district (opp. πόλις)noun: 2nd declensionHumanity and Being299
οἶκος οἴκου, ὁhouse, home, familynoun: 2nd declensionFamily and Friendship and the Home307
ὀφθαλμός –οῦ, ὁeyenoun: 2nd declensionBody Parts318
νοῦς (νόος), νοῦ (νόου), ὁmind, perception, sensenoun: 2nd declensionThe Mind, Perceiving and Learning285
κόσμος κόσμου, ὁorder; ornament, decoration, adornment; world, universenoun: 2nd declensionWorld Order263
στρατός –οῦ, ὁarmynoun: 2nd declensionWar and Peace503
λόγος λόγου, ὁword, speech, discourse; thought, reason, accountnoun: 2nd declensionWriting and Talking45
ἔργον ἔργου, τόwork, achievement, exploitnoun: 2nd declensionWork and Leisure155
ὁδός ὁδοῦ, ἡroad, way, pathnoun: 2nd declensionGovernment and Society282
τέκνον τέκνου, τόchildnoun: 2nd declensionFamily and Friendship and the Home380
χωρίον χωρίου, τόplace, spot, districtnoun: 2nd declensionEarth336
ὅπλον ὅπλου, τόweapon, tool, implement (mostly pl.)noun: 2nd declensionWar and Peace420
τρόπος τρόπου, ὁway, manner, fashion; way of life, habit, customnoun: 2nd declensionCharacteristics148
ποταμός –οῦ, ὁriver, streamnoun: 2nd declensionEarth226
ναός (νεώς) ναοῦ (νεώ), ὁtemplenoun: 2nd declensionReligion348
πόνος πόνου, ὁwork, labor; stress, trouble, painnoun: 2nd declensionWork and Leisure404
νόσος νόσου, ὁdisease, sicknessnoun: 2nd declensionLife and Death338
ξένος ξένου, ὁguest-friend; foreigner, strangernoun: 2nd declensionGovernment and Society411
ποιητής –οῦ, ὁcreator, poetnoun: 2nd declensionWriting and Talking423
οὐρανός –οῦ, ὁsky, heavennoun: 2nd declensionWorld Order300
φόβος φόβου, ὁpanic, fear, flightnoun: 2nd declensionThe Senses and Feelings445
βίος βίου, ὁlifenoun: 2nd declensionLife and Death199
χρόνος χρόνου, ὁtimenoun: 2nd declensionTime106
στρατηγός –οῦ, ὁleader of an army, commander, generalnoun: 2nd declensionWar and Peace361
κίνδυνος κινδύνου, ὁdangernoun: 2nd declensionWar and Peace430
πρέσβυς πρέσβεως, ὁold man; (pl.) ambassadorsnoun: 3rd declension -εύς, -έωςGovernment and Society363
ἱππεύς ἱππέως, ὁhorseman, rider, charioteernoun: 3rd declension -εύς, -έωςWar and Peace435
βασιλεύς βασιλέως, ὁkingnoun: 3rd declension -εύς, -έωςGovernment and Society111
νύξ νυκτός, ἡnightnoun: 3rd declension consonant stemWorld Order281
χάρις χάριτος, ἡsplendor, honor, glory; favor, goodwill, gratitude, thanksnoun: 3rd declension consonant stemEthics and Morals254
παῖς παιδός, ὁ/ἡson, daughter, child; slavenoun: 3rd declension consonant stemFamily and Friendship and the Home137
ὕδωρ ὕδατος, τόwaternoun: 3rd declension consonant stemWorld Order140
μάρτυς μάρτυρος, ὁ/ἡwitnessnoun: 3rd declension consonant stemLaw and Judgment509
φῶς φωτός, τόlight, daylightnoun: 3rd declension consonant stemWorld Order514
πούς ποδός, ὁfootnoun: 3rd declension consonant stemBody Parts221
ὄνομα ὀνόματος, τόname; famenoun: 3rd declension consonant stemWriting and Talking127
σχῆμα σχήματος, τόform, figure, appearance, characternoun: 3rd declension consonant stemMeasurements and Numerals257
πατρίς πατρίδος, ἡfatherlandnoun: 3rd declension consonant stemGovernment and Society350
πρᾶγμα πράγματος, τόthing; (pl.) circumstances, affairs, businessnoun: 3rd declension consonant stemWork and Leisure162
αἷμα αἵματος, τόbloodnoun: 3rd declension consonant stemBody Parts264
χείρ χειρός, ἡhandnoun: 3rd declension consonant stemBody Parts166
πῦρ πυρός, τόfirenoun: 3rd declension consonant stemWorld Order219
ἡγεμών ἡγεμόνος, ὁguide, leader, commandernoun: 3rd declension consonant stemGovernment and Society464
δαίμων δαίμονος, ὁ/ἡspirit, god, demonnoun: 3rd declension consonant stemReligion482
γράμμα γράμματος, τόletter, written character; (pl.) piece of writing, document(s)noun: 3rd declension consonant stemWriting and Talking457
σῶμα σώματος, τόbodynoun: 3rd declension consonant stemBody Parts78
εἰκός εἰκότος, τόlikelihood, probability; εἰκός (ἐστι) it is likely (+infin.) →ἔοικαnoun: 3rd declension consonant stemThe Mind, Perceiving and Learning488
χρῆμα χρήματος, τόthing, matter; (more commonly in pl.) goods or property, esp. moneynoun: 3rd declension consonant stemGovernment and Society274
ἐλπίς ἐλπίδος, ἡhope; expectationnoun: 3rd declension consonant stemThe Senses and Feelings439
ἀγών ἀγῶνος, ὁcontest; strugglenoun: 3rd declension consonant stemGovernment and Society399
πνεῦμα πνεύματος, τόwind, breath, spiritnoun: 3rd declension consonant stemEarth212
στόμα στόματος, τόmouth, face, openingnoun: 3rd declension consonant stemBody Parts329
ἅπας ἅπασα ἅπανall togethernoun: 3rd declension irregularMeasurements and Numerals91
μήτηρ μητρός, ἡmothernoun: 3rd declension irregularFamily and Friendship and the Home295
βοῦς βοός, ὁ/ἡbull, ox, cownoun: 3rd declension irregularAnimals and Plants455
θυγάτηρ θυγατρός, ἡdaughternoun: 3rd declension irregularFamily and Friendship and the Home368
γυνή γυναικός, ἡwoman, wifenoun: 3rd declension irregularHumanity and Being124
πολύς πολλή πολύmuch, many; ὡς ἐπὶ τὸ πολύ for the most partnoun: 3rd declension irregularMeasurements and Numerals30
ἀνήρ ἀνδρός, ὁman, husbandnoun: 3rd declension irregularHumanity and Being74
ναῦς νεώς, ἡshipnoun: 3rd declension irregularWork and Leisure210
πᾶς πᾶσα πᾶνevery, all; whole (with article)noun: 3rd declension irregularMeasurements and Numerals27
πατήρ πατρός, ὁfathernoun: 3rd declension irregularFamily and Friendship and the Home130
φύσις φύσεως, ἡnature; (of the mind) one’s nature or disposition; regular order of naturenoun: 3rd declension ι-stemWorld Order83
πρᾶξις πράξεως, ἡaction, transaction, businessnoun: 3rd declension ι-stemWork and Leisure343
τάξις τάξεως, ἡarrangement, order; military unitnoun: 3rd declension ι-stemWar and Peace406
δύναμις δυνάμεως, ἡpower, strength, abilitynoun: 3rd declension ι-stemWar and Peace95
πίστις πίστεως, ἡtrust in others, faith; that which gives confidence, assurance, pledge, guaranteenoun: 3rd declension ι-stemThe Senses and Feelings421
πόλις πόλεως, ἡcity, city-statenoun: 3rd declension ι-stemGovernment and Society61
ἔπος ἔπους, τόword, speech, tale; prophecynoun: 3rd declension σ-stemWriting and Talking502
πλῆθος πλήθους, τόmass, throng, crowd; numbernoun: 3rd declension σ-stemGovernment and Society190
ὄρος ὄρους, τόmountain, hillnoun: 3rd declension σ-stemEarth303
τεῖχος τείχους, τόwallnoun: 3rd declension σ-stemGovernment and Society387
μέγεθος μεγέθους, τόgreatness, size, magnitudenoun: 3rd declension σ-stemMeasurements and Numerals249
ἔθνος ἔθνους, τόnationnoun: 3rd declension σ-stemGovernment and Society283
μέρος μέρους, τόpart, sharenoun: 3rd declension σ-stemMeasurements and Numerals101
γένος γένους, τόrace, family; kind, classnoun: 3rd declension σ-stemFamily and Friendship and the Home132
πάθος πάθους, τόincident, accident, misfortune, experience; passion, emotion; state, conditionnoun: 3rd declension σ-stemThe Senses and Feelings202
εἶδος εἴδους, τόform, shape, figure; class, kind, sortnoun: 3rd declension σ-stemMeasurements and Numerals196
τέλος τέλους, τόend, fulfillment, achievementnoun: 3rd declension σ-stemLife and Death240
ἔτος ἔτους, τόyearnoun: 3rd declension σ-stemTime208
κατάdown, down (from or along), throughout, according to; κατὰ γῆν by land; κατὰ φύσιν in accordance with nature; κατ’ ἔθνη by nations; καθ᾿ἕνα one by one.prepositionDirection20
διάthrough, during, because of (+gen., acc.)prepositionPrepositions without Direction25
ἕνεκαon account of, for the sake of (+gen.)prepositionPrepositions without Direction278
ἀπόfrom (+gen.)prepositionDirection40
ἐνin, among (+dat.)prepositionDirection9
ἐπίat (+gen.); on (+dat.); on to, against (+acc.)prepositionDirection19
μετάwith (+gen.); after (+acc.)prepositionPrepositions without Direction50
περίaround, about; concerning (+gen.)prepositionDirection31
ἀντίopposite (+gen.)prepositionDirection209
πρόςfrom the side of, in the presence of (+gen.); near, at, in addition to (+dat.); to, towards, in relation to (+acc.)prepositionDirection22
πρόbefore, in front of (+gen.)prepositionTime203
πλήν(prep.) except (+gen.); (conj.) except that, unless, butprepositionPrepositions without Direction304
παράfrom (+gen.); beside (+dat.); to, to the side of, contrary to (+acc.)prepositionDirection46
ἀνάup, on; throughoutprepositionDirection36
ὑπόunder (+gen., dat.); by (+gen. of personal agent); down under (+acc.)prepositionDirection42
ἐκ, ἐξfrom, out of (+gen.)prepositionDirection29
ἄνευwithout (+gen.)prepositionPrepositions without Direction392
ἀμφίabout, aroundprepositionDirection498
εἰςinto, to, towards (+acc.)prepositionDirection18
ὑπέρfor (+gen), beyond (+acc.)prepositionPrepositions without Direction128
σύνwith (+ dat. of accompaniment or means)prepositionPrepositions without Direction177
ἐναντίος ἐναντία ἐναντίονopposite, facing; opposingprepositionDirection163
τις τιsomeone, something, anyone, anything, some, any (enclitic indef. pron./adj.)pronounPronouns/Interrogatives11
ἐγώ ἐμοῦ, (pl.) ἡμεῖς, ἡμῶνI, wepronounPronouns/Interrogatives21
ὅστις ἥτις ὅ τιanyone who, anything which; (in indir. quest.) who, which, whatpronounPronouns/Interrogatives33
ὅσπερ ἥπερ ὅπερthe very one who, the very thing whichpronounPronouns/Interrogatives175
τίς τίwho? what? which? (interrog. pron./adj.)pronounPronouns/Interrogatives5
ἀλλήλων –οις(oblique cases plural only) one another, each otherpronounPronouns/Interrogatives151
οὗτος αὕτη τοῦτοthis, these; μετὰ ταῦτα after thispronounPronouns/Interrogatives7
ἑαυτοῦ ἑαυτῆς ἑαυτοῦhim- her- itself (reflexive pron.)pronounPronouns/Interrogatives51
μηδείς μηδεμία μηδένno one, nothingpronounPronouns/Interrogatives118
σύ, σοῦ, (pl.) ὑμεῖς, ὑμῶνyoupronounPronouns/Interrogatives35
οὐδείς οὐδεμία οὐδένno one, nothingpronounPronouns/Interrogatives56
ὅς ἥ ὅwho, which, thatpronounPronouns/Interrogatives12
ποῦwhere pronounPronouns/Interrogatives512
ἑκάτερος ἑκατέρα ἑκάτερονeach (of two)pronounPronouns/Interrogatives236
ἕκαστος ἑκάστη ἕκαστονeach (of several)pronounPronouns/Interrogatives88
ὅδε ἥδε τόδεthispronounPronouns/Interrogatives99
ἐκεῖνος ἐκείνη ἐκεῖνοthat person or thing; ἐκεῖνος…οὗτος the former…the latterpronounPronouns/Interrogatives54
τίθημι, θήσω, ἔθηκα, τέθηκα, τέθειμαι (but usu. κεῖμαι instead), ἐτέθηνto put, place; establish, ordain, institute; put in a certain stateverb: -μιWork and Leisure164
καθίστημι, καταστήσω, κατέστησα, κατέστην, καθέστηκα, plupf. καθειστήκη, κατεστάθηνset down, establish; bring into a certain state, renderverb: -μιWork and Leisure272
εἶμι, infin. ἰέναι, ptc. ἰών, ἰοῦσα, ἰόνI will go (fut. of ἔρχομαι)verb: -μιMovement224
ἀφίημι, ἀφήσω, ἀφῆκα, ἀφεῖκα, ἀφεῖμαι, ἀφείθηνsend away, let go; let alone, neglectverb: -μιTaking and Giving341
ἀπόλλυμι, ἀπολῶ, ἀπώλεσα, 2 aor. mid. ἀπωλόμην, pf. ἀπολώλεκα (“I have utterly destroyed”) or ἀπόλωλα (“I am undone”)kill, destroy; (mid.) perish, dieverb: -μιLife and Death279
ἵστημι στήσω will set, ἔστησα set, caused to stand, 2 aor. ἔστην stood, ἕστηκα stand, plup. εἱστήκη stood, ἐστάθην stoodmake to stand, setverb: -μιWork and Leisure145
δείκνυμι, δείξω, ἔδειξα, δέδειχα, δέδειγμαι, ἐδείχθηνshow, point outverb: -μιShowing and Finding160
ἵημι, ἥσω, ἧκα, -εἷκα, εἷμαι, -εἵθηνput in motion, let go, shoot; (mid.) hasten, rushverb: -μιWork and Leisure63
φημί, φήσω, impf. ἔφηνsay, assert, declare; οὐ φημί deny, refuse, say that...notverb: -μιWriting and Talking41
ἀποδίδωμι, ἀποδώσω, ἀπέδωκα, ἀποδέδωκα, ἀποδέδομαι, ἀπεδόθηνgive back; render; allow; (mid.) sellverb: -μιTaking and Giving284
προστίθημι, προσθήσω, προσέθηκα, προστέθηκα, προστέθειμαι (but commonly προσκεῖμαι instead), προσετέθηνadd; (med.) joinverb: -μιTaking and Giving266
δίδωμι, δώσω, ἔδωκα, δέδωκα, δέδομαι, ἐδόθηνgive, grant, offerverb: -μιTaking and Giving81
παραδίδωμι, παραδώσω, παρέδωκα, παραδέδωκα, παραδέδομαι, παρεδόθηνtransmit, hand over, surrenderverb: -μιTaking and Giving370
μίγνυμι, μείξω, ἔμειξα, μέμειγμαι, ἐμείχθηνmix, mingleverb: -μιWork and Leisure366
πείθω, πείσω, ἔπεισα, πέποιθα, πέπεισμαι, ἐπείσθηνpersuade, win over; (mid. and pass.) obey, believe in, trust in (+dat.)verb: -ω dental stemWriting and Talking193
ἀπαλλάσσω, ἀπαλλάξω, ἀπήλλαξα, ἀπήλλαχα, ἀπήλλαγμαι, ἀπηλλάχθην or ἀπηλλάγηνset free, release, deliververb: -ω dental stemHelp and Safety475
πράσσω, πράξω, ἔπραξα, πέπραχα, πέπραγμαι, ἐπράχθηνdo, achieve, accomplish; do or fare in a certain way (+adv.)verb: -ω dental stemWork and Leisure134
ὀνομάζω, ὀνομάσω, ὠνόμασα, ὠνόμακα, ὠνόμασμαι, ὠνομάσθηνcall by nameverb: -ω dental stemWriting and Talking204
κομίζω, κομιῶ, ἐκόμισα, κεκόμικα, κεκόμισμαι, ἐκομίσθηνtake care of, provide forverb: -ω dental stemHelp and Safety442
κατασκευάζω, κατασκευάσω, κατεσκεύασαequip, furnish, make readyverb: -ω dental stemWork and Leisure397
πίπτω, πεσοῦμαι, ἔπεσον, πέπτωκαfall, fall downverb: -ω dental stemWar and Peace395
παρασκευάζω, παρασκευάσω, παρεσκεύασαget ready, prepare, provideverb: -ω dental stemWork and Leisure451
σῴζω, σώσω, ἔσωσα, σέσωκα, ἐσώθηνsaveverb: -ω dental stemHelp and Safety275
φράζω, φράσω, ἔφρασα, πέφρακα, πέφρασμαι, ἐφράσθηνtell, declare; (mid. and pass.) think (about)verb: -ω dental stemWriting and Talking504
τίκτω, τέξω or τέξομαι, ἔτεκον, τέτοκα, τέτεγμαι, ἐτέχθηνbeget, give birth to, produceverb: -ω dental stemFamily and Friendship and the Home441
νομίζω, νομιῶ, ἐνόμισα, νενόμικα, νενόμισμαι, ἐνομίσθηνthink, believe that (+acc. and infin.); hold as a custom, be accustomed to (+infin.)verb: -ω dental stemThe Mind, Perceiving and Learning200
θαυμάζω, θαυμάσομαι, ἐθαύμασα, τεθαύμακα, τεθαύμασμαι, ἐθαυμάσθηνto be in awe (of), be astonished (at)verb: -ω dental stemThe Senses and Feelings376
δέδοικα, δείσομαι, ἔδεισαfearverb: -ω dental stemThe Senses and Feelings462
πέμπω, πέμψω, ἔπεμψα, πέπομφα, πέπεμμαι, ἐπέμφθηνsendverb: -ω labial stemMovement276
βλέπω, βλέψομαι, ἔβλεψαsee, look (at)verb: -ω labial stemThe Senses and Feelings444
γράφω, γράψω, ἔγραψα, γέγραφα, γέγραμμαι, ἐγράφηνwriteverb: -ω labial stemWriting and Talking115
τρέφω, θρέψω, ἔθρεψα, τέθραμμαι, ἐτράφηνnourish, feed, support, maintain; rear, educateverb: -ω labial stemLife and Death324
λείπω, λείψω, ἔλιπον, λέλοιπα, λέλειμμαι, ἐλείφθηνleave, abandonverb: -ω labial stemMovement437
τρέπω, τρέψω, ἔτρεψα, τέτροφα, ἐτράπηνturn, direct towards a thing; put to flight, defeat; (pass.) turn one’s steps in a certain direction, goverb: -ω labial stemMovement432
τέμνω, τεμῶ, 2 aor. ἔτεμον, -τέτμηκα, τέτμημαι, ἐτμήθηνcut, cut down, cut to piecesverb: -ω liquid stemWar and Peace417
μανθάνω, μαθήσομαι, ἔμαθον, μεμάθηκαlearn, ascertainverb: -ω liquid stemThe Mind, Perceiving and Learning259
πίνω, πίομαι, 2 aor. ἔπιον, πέπωκα, -πέπομαι, -επόθηνdrinkverb: -ω liquid stemThe Senses and Feelings253
λανθάνω, λήσω, ἔλαθον, λέληθαescape the notice of (+acc. and nom. participle), be unknown; (mid. and pass.) forgetverb: -ω liquid stemGovernment and Society424
φαίνω, φανῶ, ἔφηνα, πέφηνα, πέφασμαι, ἐφάνηνbring to light, make appear, make clear; (pass.) come to light, be seen, appear, appear to be (+ptc. or infin.)verb: -ω liquid stemShowing and Finding114
ἀποκτείνω, ἀποκτενῶ, ἀπέκτεινα, ἀπέκτοναkillverb: -ω liquid stemWar and Peace390
ἀγγέλλω, ἀγγελῶ, ἤγγειλα, ἤγγελκα, ἤγγελμαι, ἠγγέλθηνreport, tellverb: -ω liquid stemWriting and Talking523
διαφέρω, διοίσω, 1 aor. διήνεγκα, 2 aor. διήνεγκον, διενήνοχα, διενήνεγμαιcarry in different ways, spread; differ; (impers.) διαφέρει it makes a difference to (+dat.)verb: -ω liquid stemWork and Leisure215
βαίνω, βήσομαι, 2 aor. ἔβην, βέβηκαwalk, come, goverb: -ω liquid stemMovement494
ὑπολαμβάνω, ὑπολήψομαι, ὑπέλαβον, ὑπείληφα, ὑπείλημμαι, ὑπελήφθηνtake up, seize; answer, reply; assume, supposeverb: -ω liquid stemThe Mind, Perceiving and Learning422
κρίνω, κρινῶ, ἔκρινα, κέκρικα, κέκριμαι, ἐκρίθηνjudge, decide, determineverb: -ω liquid stemLaw and Judgment290
χαίρω, χαιρήσω, κεχάρηκα, κεχάρημαι, ἐχάρηνto be happy, rejoice at (+dat.), take joy in (+ptc.); χαῖρε, (pl.) χαίρετε hello, goodbyeverb: -ω liquid stemThe Senses and Feelings378
μέλλω, μελλήσω, ἐμέλλησα(+infin.) think of doing, intend to, be about toverb: -ω liquid stemThe Senses and Feelings181
καταλαμβάνω, καταλήψομαι, κατέλαβον, κατείληφα, κατείλημμαι, κατελήφθηνseize, catch up with, arrest, compelverb: -ω liquid stemWar and Peace381
ἐθέλω, ἐθελήσω, ἠθέλησα, ἠθέληκα(+infin.) wish (to); be willing (to)verb: -ω liquid stemThe Senses and Feelings182
μένω, μενῶ, ἔμεινα, μεμένηκαstay, remain, endure, awaitverb: -ω liquid stemMovement286
τυγχάνω, τεύξομαι, ἔτυχον, τετύχηκα. τέτυγμαι, ἐτύχθηνhit, light upon, meet by chance (+gen.); reach, gain, obtain; happen to be (+ptc.)verb: -ω liquid stemHumanity and Being144
ἁμαρτάνω, ἁμαρτήσομαι, ἡμάρτησα, 2 aor. ἥμαρτον, ἡμάρτηκα, ἡμάρτημαι, ἡμαρτήθηνmiss the mark (+gen.); fail, be wrong, make a mistakeverb: -ω liquid stemEthics and Morals401
συμβαίνω, συμβήσομαι, 2 aor. συνέβην, συμβέβηκαmeet, come to an agreement, correspond; happen, occur, come to pass; turn out in a certain way (+adv.), resultverb: -ω liquid stemFamily and Friendship and the Home154
ἐλαύνω, ἐλῶ, ἤλασα, -ελήλακα, ἐλήλαμαι, ἠλάθηνdrive, set in motionverb: -ω liquid stemMovement461
διαφθείρω, διαφθερῶ, διέφθειρα, διέφθαρκα, διέφθαρμαι, διεφθάρηνdestroy; corruptverb: -ω liquid stemWar and Peace402
βάλλω, βαλῶ, 2 aor. ἔβαλον, βέβληκα, βέβλημαι, ἐβλήθηνthrow, hurl; throw at, hit (acc.) with (dat.)verb: -ω liquid stemMovement409
ἀποκρίνω, ἀποκρινῶ, ἀπεκρινάμην, ἀπεκρίθηseparate, set apart, choοse; (mid.) answer, replyverb: -ω liquid stemWriting and Talking428
λαμβάνω, λήψομαι, ἔλαβον, εἴληφα, εἴλημμαι, ἐλήφθηνtake, grasp, seize; receive, getverb: -ω liquid stemTaking and Giving70
ἄγω, ἄξω, ἤγαγον, ἦχα, ἦγμαι, ἤχθηνlead, carry, bring; pass (time)verb: -ω palatal stemMovement147
ἄρχω, ἄρξω, ἦρξα, ἦργμαι, ἤρχθηνbegin (+gen.); lead, rule, govern (+gen.)verb: -ω palatal stemTime123
ἥκω, ἥξω, pf. ἧκαI have come, I am presentverb: -ω palatal stemMovement293
διώκω, διώξομαι, ἐδίωξα, δεδίωχα, ἐδιώχθηνpursueverb: -ω palatal stemMovement481
τάσσω, τάξω, ἔταξα, τέταχα, τέταγμαι, ἐτάχθηνarrange, put in orderverb: -ω palatal stemGovernment and Society317
ἀποθνῄσκω, ἀποθανοῦμαι, 2 aor. ἀπέθανον, ἀποτέθνηκαdieverb: -ω palatal stemLife and Death287
πάσχω, πείσομαι, ἔπαθον, πέπονθαsuffer, experience, be affected in a certain way (+adv.)verb: -ω palatal stemLife and Death173
φεύγω, φεύξομαι, ἔφυγον, πέφευγαflee, run away, avoid, shunverb: -ω palatal stemMovement261
ὑπάρχω, ὑπάρξω, ὑπῆρξα, ὑπῆργμαι, ὑπήρχθηνexist, be, belong to; τὰ ὑπάρχοντα existing circumstancesverb: -ω palatal stemHumanity and Being122
γιγνώσκω, γνώσομαι, ἔγνων, ἔγνωκα, ἔγνωσμαι, ἐγνώσθηνcome to know, learn; judge, think, or determine that (+acc. and infin.)verb: -ω palatal stemThe Mind, Perceiving and Learning143
δοκέω, δόξω, ἔδοξαthink, suppose, imagine (+acc. and infin.); seem, seem good; (impers.) δοκεῖ μοι it seems to meverb: -ω palatal stemThe Mind, Perceiving and Learning71
παρέχω, παρέξω, παρέσχον, παρέσχηκα, impf. παρεῖχονprovide, present, offer; allow, grantverb: -ω palatal stemTaking and Giving235
λέγω, ἐρῶ, εἶπον, εἴρηκα, λέλεγμαι, ἐλέχθην and ἐρρήθηνsay, speak (of), recount; pick up, collect, countverb: -ω palatal stemWriting and Talking15
διδάσκω, διδάξω, ἐδίδαξα, δεδίδαχα, δεδίδαγμαι, ἐδιδάχθηνteachverb: -ω palatal stemThe Mind, Perceiving and Learning315
αἴρω, ἀρῶ, ἦρα, ἦρκα, ἦρμαι, ἤρθηνtake up, lift up; removeverb: -ω palatal stemMovement389
φυλάσσω, φυλάξω, ἐφύλαξα, πεφύλαχα, πεφύλαγμαι, ἐφυλάχθηνwatch, guard, defend; (mid.) be on one’s guard against (+acc.)verb: -ω palatal stemWar and Peace230
προσήκω προσήξωbelong to, have to do with; be fitting for (+dat.); arrive at; οἱ προσήκοντες relatives; τὰ προσήκoντα dutiesverb: -ω palatal stemEthics and Morals358
εὑρίσκω, εὑρήσω, 2 aor. ηὗρον or εὗρον, ηὕρηκα or εὕρηκα, εὕρημαι, εὑρέθηνfind (out), discover, deviseverb: -ω palatal stemShowing and Finding136
μιμνήσκω, -μνήσω, -έμνησα, pf. μέμνημαι, ἐμνήσθηνremind; (in pf. mid.) rememberverb: -ω palatal stemThe Mind, Perceiving and Learning383
ἔχω, ἕξω or σχήσω, 2 aor. ἔσχον, ἔσχηκα, impf. εἶχονhave, hold, keepverb: -ω palatal stemTaking and Giving28
θνῄσκω, 2 aor. -έθανον, τέθνηκα, θανοῦμαιto die, be dyingverb: -ω palatal stemLife and Death384
βουλεύω βουλεύσω, ἐβούλευσα, βεβούλευκα, βεβούλευμαι, ἐβουλεύθηνplan (to), decide (to); (mid.) deliberateverb: -ω vowel stemWar and Peace476
παύω, παύσω, ἔπαυσα, πέπαυκα, πέπαυμαι, ἐπαύθηνstop, put an end to; (mid.) ceaseverb: -ω vowel stemMovement364
ἀκούω, ἀκούσομαι, ἤκουσα, ἀκήκοα, plup. ἠκηκόη or ἀκηκόη, ἠκούσθηνlisten (to), hear (of)verb: -ω vowel stemThe Senses and Feelings131
θύω, θύσω, ἔθυσα, τέθυκα, τέθυμαι, ἐτύθηνsacrificeverb: -ω vowel stemReligion460
πορεύω, πορεύσω, ἐπόρευσα, πεπόρευμαι, ἐπορεύθηνcarry; (mid. and pass) go, walk, marchverb: -ω vowel stemWork and Leisure427
φύω, φύσω, ἔφυσαbring forth, produce, beget; 2 aor. ἔφυν grew, pf. πέφυκα be by natureverb: -ω vowel stemWorld Order90
λύω, λύσω, ἔλυσα, λέλυκα, λέλυμαι, ἐλύθηνloosen, unbind, set free; undo, destroyverb: -ω vowel stemWar and Peace384
κελεύω, κελεύσω, ἐκέλευσα, κεκέλευκα, κεκέλευσμαι, ἐκελεύσθηνorder, bid, command (+acc. and infin.)verb: -ω vowel stemLaw and Judgment239
κωλύω, κωλύσω, ἐκώλυσα, κεκώλυκα, κεκώλυμαι, ἐκωλύθηνhinder, check, prevent (+acc. and infin.)verb: -ω vowel stemWar and Peace400
πιστεύω, πιστεύσω, ἐπίστευσα, πεπίστευκα, πεπίστευμαι, ἐπιστεύθηνtrust, rely on, believe in (+dat.)verb: -ω vowel stemThe Senses and Feelings314
κινέω, κινήσω, ἐκίνησα, κεκίνηκα, κεκίνημαι, ἐκινήθηνset in motion, move, rouseverb: contractedMovement172
φοβέω, φοβήσω, ἐφόβησα, πεφόβημαι, ἐφοβήθηνput to flight; (mid. and pass.) flee, fearverb: contractedThe Senses and Feelings408
τελευτάω, τελευτήσω, ἐτελεύτησα, τετελεύτηκα, τετελεύτημαι, ἐτελευτήθηνfinish; dieverb: contractedLife and Death365
νικάω, νικήσω, ἐνίκησα, νενίκηκα, νενίκημαι, ἐνικήθηνconquer, winverb: contractedWar and Peace346
αἰτέω, αἰτήσω, ᾔτησα, ᾔτηκα, ᾔτημαι, ᾐτήθηνask (for), begverb: contractedWriting and Talking478
καλέω, καλῶ, ἐκάλεσα, κέκληκα, κέκλημαι, ἐκλήθηνcall, summonverb: contractedWriting and Talking77
δράω, δράσω, ἔδρασα, δέδρακα, δέδραμαι, ἐδράσθηνdo, accomplishverb: contractedWork and Leisure453
φρονέω, φρονήσω, ἐφρόνησαthink, intend to (+infin.); be minded towards (+adv. and dat.)verb: contractedThe Mind, Perceiving and Learning448
πλέω, πλεύσομαι, ἔπλευσα, πέπλευκα, πέπλευσμαι, ἐπλεύσθηνsailverb: contractedGovernment and Society156
ἀδικέω, ἀδικήσω, ἠδίκησα, ἠδίκηκα, ἠδίκημαι, ἠδικήθηνdo wrong; injureverb: contractedEthics and Morals360
ἐρωτάω, ἐρήσομαι, 2 aor. ἠρόμηνask someone (acc.) something (acc.); question, begverb: contractedWriting and Talking458
ζάω, ζήσω, ἔζησα, ἔζηκαliveverb: contractedLife and Death189
ἀφαιρέω, ἀφαιρήσω, ἀφεῖλον, ἀφῄρηκα, ἀφῄρημαι, ἀφῃρέθηνtake from, take awayverb: contractedTaking and Giving310
ὁμολογέω, ὁμολογήσω, ὡμολόγησα, ὡμολόγηκα, ὡμολόγημαι, ὡμολογήθηνagree with, say the same thing as (+dat.)verb: contractedLaw and Judgment347
αἱρέω, αἱρήσω, 2 aor. εἷλον, ᾕρηκα, ᾕρημαι, ᾑρέθηνtake, grasp, take by force; (mid.) chooseverb: contractedTaking and Giving265
πολεμέω, πολεμήσω, ἐπολέμησα, πεπολέμηκαmake warverb: contractedWar and Peace459
ὁράω, ὄψομαι, 2 aor. εἶδον, ἑόρακα and ἑώρακα, ὤφθην, impf. ἑώρωνsee, look (to)verb: contractedThe Senses and Feelings66
ἐάω, ἐάσω, εἴασαallow, permit (+acc. and infin.); let be, let aloneverb: contractedLaw and Judgment375
τολμάω, τολμήσω, ἐτόλμησα, τετόλμηκα, τετόλμημαι, ἐτολμήθηνhave the courage, dare; undertake, undergoverb: contractedThe Senses and Feelings486
ὁρμάω, ὁρμήσω, ὥρμησα, ὥρμηκα, ὥρμημαι, ὡρμήθηνset in motion, urge on; (intrans.) start, hasten onverb: contractedMovement450
ἀναιρέω, ἀναιρήσω, ἀνεῖλον, ἀνῄρηκα, ἀνῄρημαι, ἀνῃρέθηνraise, take up; kill, destroyverb: contractedWar and Peace291
κρατέω, κρατήσω, ἐκράτησα, κεκράτηκα, κεκράτημαι, ἐκρατήθηνbe victorious, conquer, rule, surpass, excel (+gen.)verb: contractedGovernment and Society298
κατηγορέω, κατηγορήσω, κατηγόρησα, κατηγόρηκα, κατηγόρημαι, κατηγορήθηνto speak against, to accuse (+gen.)verb: contractedLaw and Judgment431
σκοπέω, σκοπήσω, ἐσκόπησαlook at, watch; look into, consider, examineverb: contractedThe Senses and Feelings454
βοηθέω, βοηθήσω, ἐβοήθησα, βεβοήθηκαhelp, assist (+dat.)verb: contractedHelp and Safety473
τιμάω, τιμήσω, ἐτίμησα, τετίμηκα, τετίμημαι, ἐτιμήθηνto honorverb: contractedEthics and Morals386
πειράω (usually mid. πειράομαι), πειράσομαι, ἐπείρασα, πεπείραμαι, ἐπειράθηνattempt, try, make a trial of (+gen.)verb: contractedWork and Leisure407
ζητέω, ζητήσω, ἐζήτησα, ἐζήτηκαseekverb: contractedShowing and Finding256
οἰκέω, οἰκήσω, ᾤκησα, ᾤκηκα, ᾠκήθηνinhabit, occupyverb: contractedFamily and Friendship and the Home232
δέω, δεήσω, ἐδέησα, δεδέηκα, δεδέημαι, ἐδεήθηνlack, miss, stand in need of (+gen.)verb: contractedTaking and Giving64
ποιέω, ποιήσω, ἐποίησα, πεποίηκα, πεποίημαι, ἐποιήθηνmake, produce, cause, do; (mid.) consider, reckonverb: contractedWork and Leisure43
δηλόω, δηλώσω, ἐδήλωσα, δεδήλωκα, ἐδηλώθηνshow, declare, explainverb: contractedShowing and Finding237
λαλέω, λαλήσω, ἐλάλησα, λελάληκα, ἐλαλήθηνtalk, chatter, babbleverb: contractedWriting and Talking452
ἀξιόω, ἀξιώσω, ἠξίωσα, ἠξίωκα, ἠξίωμαι, ἠξιώθηνconsider worthy; require, demand, ask, claimverb: contractedEthics and Morals267
πυνθάνομαι, πεύσομαι, 2 aor. ἐπυθόμην, πέπυσμαιlearn, hear, inquire concerning (+gen.)verb: deponentThe Mind, Perceiving and Learning415
ἔρομαι, ἐρήσομαι, 2 aor. ἠρόμηνask, ask one about (+double acc.)verb: deponentWriting and Talking247
ἁλίσκομαι, ἁλώσομαι, 2 aor. ἑάλων, ἑάλωκαto be taken, conquered (act. supplied by αἱρέω)verb: deponentWar and Peace469
οἴομαι or οἶμαι, οἰήσομαι, impf. ᾤμην, aor. ᾠήθηνthink, suppose, imagine (+acc. and infin.)verb: deponentThe Mind, Perceiving and Learning171
κτάομαι, κτήσομαι, ἐκτησάμην, κέκτημαιget, gain, acquireverb: deponentTaking and Giving436
μάχομαι, μαχοῦμαι, ἐμαχεσάμην, μεμάχημαιfight (against) (+dat.)verb: deponentWar and Peace382
ἡγέομαι, ἡγήσομαι, ἡγησάμην, ἥγημαιlead, be the leader; regard, believe, thinkverb: deponentThe Mind, Perceiving and Learning241
χράομαι, χρήσομαι, ἐχρησάμην, κέχρημαι, ἐχρήσθηνuse, experience, suffer (+dat.); treat someone in a certain way (+dat. and adv.)verb: deponentGovernment and Society104
δέχομαι, δέξομαι, ἐδεξάμην, δέδεγμαι, -εδέχθηνtake, accept; welcome, entertainverb: deponentFamily and Friendship and the Home319
κεῖμαι, κείσομαιto lie, be situated, be laid up in store, be set up, be established or ordained (used as pf. pass. of τίθημι)verb: deponentWork and Leisure251
ἀφικνέομαι, ἀφίξομαι, 2 aor. ἀφικόμην, ἀφῖγμαιcome to, arrive atverb: deponentMovement320
ἕπομαι ἕψομαι, 2 aor. ἑσπόμηνfollowverb: deponentMovement301
ἔρχομαι, fut. εἶμι or ἐλεύσομαι, 2 aor. ἦλθον, ἐλήλυθαcome, goverb: deponentMovement138
ἐργάζομαι, ἐργάσομαι, εἰργασάμην, εἴργασμαιwork, laborverb: deponentWork and Leisure322
αἰσθάνομαι, αἰσθήσομαι, 2 aor. ᾐσθόμην, ᾔσθημαιperceive, understand, hear, learnverb: deponentThe Mind, Perceiving and Learning377
γίγνομαι, γενήσομαι, 2 aor. ἐγενόμην, γέγονα, γεγένημαι, ἐγενήθηνbecome; be born; happen, beverb: deponentHumanity and Being23
βούλομαι, βουλήσομαι, βεβούλημαι, ἐβουλήθην(+infin.) will, wish (to); be willing (to); ὁ βουλόμενος anyone who likesverb: deponentThe Senses and Feelings113
δεῖ, δεήσει, impf. ἔδειit is necessary, one must, one ought (+acc. and infin.)verb: impersonalEthics and Morals79
χρή, impf. χρῆν or ἐχρῆν, infin. χρῆναιit is necessary, it is fated, one ought (+infin. or +acc. and infin.)verb: impersonalEthics and Morals159
δύναμαι, δυνήσομαι, ἐδυνήθην, δεδύνημαι(+infin.) to be able (to), be strong enough (to)verb: impersonalWork and Leisure85
εἶπονI said, I spoke, 2 aor. → λέγω, φημίverb: irregularWriting and Talking57
εἰμί, ἔσομαι, impf. ἦν, infin. εἶναιbe, existverb: irregularHumanity and Being6
οἶδα, infin. εἰδέναι, imper. ἴσθι, plupf. used as impf. ᾔδεινto know (pf. in pres. sense); to know how to (+infin.)verb: irregularThe Mind, Perceiving and Learning110
ἔοικα, ptc. εἰκώςbe like, look like (+dat.); seem; befitverb: irregularCharacteristics270
συμφέρω, συνοίσω, 1 aor. συνήνεγκαbenefit, be useful or profitable to (+dat.); (impers.) συμφέρει it is of use, expedient (+infin.); τὸ συμφέρον use, profit, advantageverb: irregularHelp and Safety414
εἶδον, 2 aor. of ὁράω, act. infin. ἰδεῖν, mid.infin. ἰδέσθαιI sawverb: irregularThe Senses and Feelings165
φέρω, οἴσω, 1 aor. ἤνεγκα, 2 aor. ἤνεγκον, ἐνήνοχα, ἐνήνεγμαι, ἠνέχθηνcarry, bring, fetch; carry off or away; φέρε come now, wellverb: irregularWork and Leisure116
πάρειμιbe present, be ready or at hand; (impers.) πάρεστί μοι it depends on me, it is in my power; τὰ παρόντα the present circumstances; τὸ παρόν just nowverb: irregularHumanity and Being194