A School Grammar of Attic Greek

Thomas Dwight Goodell


Other Uses of Εἰ

655. After expressions of doubt or inquiry, εἰ with the indicative (rarely ἐᾱ́ν with the subjunctive) becomes an indirect question. In such clauses εἰ (or ἐᾱ́ν) may sometimes be translated if, but more often whether:

Εἰ μὲν δὴ δίκαια ποιήσω οὐκ οἶδα.
Whether I shall be doing right I do not know.
Xen. Anabasis 1.3.5

εἰ ξυμπονήσεις καὶ ξυνεργάσῃ σκόπει.
See whether thou wilt work with me and share the deed.
Soph. Antigone 41


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