A School Grammar of Attic Greek

Thomas Dwight Goodell


606. A Complex Sentence consists of a principal sentence and one or more subordinate sentences, which are then called clauses.

a. The Principal or Leading clause may be of any type of simple sentence (451-489).

b. A Subordinate clause is marked

  1. Always by an introductory subordinating word;
  2. Often by a change of mode;
  3. Sometimes by a change of person, in verb and pronoun;
  4. Sometimes by a change of tense; but only in the indicative, from present to imperfect or from per- fect to pluperfect.1

c. A direct quotation, or an indirect question that retains the direct form, though clearly subordinate, can hardly be separated from cases of parataxis (604).

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In English, change of order is often the only sign of subordination; so sometimes change of tense.