A School Grammar of Attic Greek

Thomas Dwight Goodell


The Accusative: Freer Accusatives

540.The Accusative in many expressions has become in effect an adverb. Such Adverbial Accusatives are special forms of the uses described in 536, 537, 538, 539, we can not always say which. The following are rather frequent:

Tόνδε τὸν τρόπον in this manner

τὴν ταχίστην (ὁδόν) by the quickest road, most speedily

οὐκ ἀρχήν not at all

δίκην like, in the manner of

πρῶτον at first

τὸ πρῶτον first

τὸ λοιπόν hereafter

τί why?

τι somewhat

τοῦτο or ταῦτα for this reason

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